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In case you want to increase your followers on social media accounts, you enable the YouTube Subscribe Button on your blog of other social media. If the sites have enough traffic, you can make multiple social media buttons as it will make your followers on these sites follow you even more. In this article, you will learn how to put a YouTube subscriber button on the site.

How to add code manually?

  1. The first step is to view the YouTube subscribe button page on YouTube. The page will redirect as to how to Configure a YouTube Subscribe Button page form.
  2. You have to go to the YouTube account settings, and here on the left panel of the YouTube settings, you can get the channel ID features.
  3. After this step, you have to type your ID in this section.
  4. You can also choose your desired button layout and then realize that many sections are describing the YouTube embeddable watermark. You can view them here.
  5. After the above step, you can then upload your watermark. If you pick up the transparent or translucent background color, it will look like a particular way. You can choose the YouTube watermark size also.
  6. Google will automatically generate the required code for your YouTube Subscriber Button after choosing your desired subscribe button and your desired layout.
  7.  We are going to see into two of the options for you to insert the YouTube subscriber button. The first one uses a code snippet.
  8. For instance, you can use the .com Dashboard. Once you have entered the dashboard, click on the Appearances, then Widgets. Here check out for the available widgets. Next, click on the Custom HTML and then drag and drop it to the widget section. Once you have done this, paste the code you have got earlier in the content section area. If you want, write “Subscribe to this Channel” or “Subscribe to My Channel” in the title section. At last, click on Save for applying the changes.

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Pro Tip:

The YouTube watermarks use RGBA (generally used by Portable Network Graphics and Graphics Interchange Format files) rather than RGB. It will need that extra letter A (the alpha channel) to make these parts of the picture transparent.

How to use Plugin for Adding YouTube Subscribe Button?

youtube subscribe buton1

Another way of adding a YouTube subscriber Button is by using a plugin, which can also embed the YouTube Subscribe Button.


  • The first step is to go to the plugins and then head to the search section. Then type Easy Subscribe Button Widget and select the one you want. After this step, install it and then activate it on your site.
  • For example, we can download and install the YouTube Subscribe plugin and set it up on the website.
  • This plugin is straightforward to use, and it is widget friendly as well. The moment you install and then activate it in the widget area, you can now configure it and add a YouTube subscriber button.
  • You will see the “YouTube Subscribe” widget added to the widget sections. Add this in your sidebar; then, you can as well enter your channel ID.
  • Save the changes you have done for configuring the plugin. This plugin will then automatically display the YouTube Subscribe Button under every YouTube video on your website.

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How to put a YouTube Subscribe Button on the site and get more subscribers?

You have to create vlogs, videos, articles, graphics, and useful quality posts to attract readers, followers, and subscribers. So it is imminent to know the procedure to insert a YouTube subscribe Button on the blogs, sites, vlogs, and YouTube channels, etc. For getting more subscribers, you have to ensure the subscribe buttons at all the required places. This article gives the knowledge about inserting a YouTube Subscriber Button on the sites in 2020.

How to Change YouTube watermark?

youtube subscribe button2

  • Log on to YouTube Studio.
  • From the left panel, select the Settings.
  • Select Channel Branding.
  • Now Select Choose image option and choose which image you would like to use as your YouTube watermark.
  • Select the display time for the YouTube watermark
  • Save the changes.

    You tube’s Terms of use for embedding YouTube subscribe Button

  • Read terms and conditions related to this feature.
  • The YouTube subscribe Button should be on the user’s page.
  • Promotional prizes and other rewards for attracting people to give you clicks or views are not allowed.
  • Users are not allowed to track subscriber’s data.

If you require more information about how to add a YouTube Subscriber Button on your blog or website, you can find out from the YouTube Developer Tools page.

Why Is It so Very Important to Get Subscribers?

People usually visit only a few websites and use many apps or app ideas to get what they want. Hence, getting subscribers is very crucial for building viewers for your service or product. A subscriber who has shown interest in your content is far more fetching than a random user.

Essential tips and some of the Subscribe Button Secrets

  • Adding subscribe button watermarks for your YouTube videos.
  • Configure Facebook like buttons, Twitter follow buttons, and YouTube subscribes buttons and put them on your site.

Use subscribe PNG “follow us on…” buttons and other subscribe button GIFs, such as the YouTube subscriber bot.


Your viewers or readers easily convert to subscribers. If you already have traffic to your site, it is better to have a YouTube Subscribe Button on the web page or site. This article thus helped you to insert a YouTube Subscribe Button on your website. It will help convert the visitors of your site into subscribers. You also learned how to add YouTube Subscribe Button on your YouTube videos.

There are abundant opportunities if you want to get more subscribers. The visitors can easily follow your YouTube videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel if you put a subscription button on your sites or blogs. You can make money online if you have more subscribers as well.

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