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Website Design Portfolio

What We Did?

We designed and built a fully responsive website for Conroe Aesthetics to their specific requirements. The website includes a very selected premium packages and offer a highly user friendly checkout system. We maintained the class & simplicity in our design with bold brand identity.

Website Design



Conroe Aesthetics


Conroe aesthetics is a brand embracing a new era of health and beauty. We delivered a beauty and personal care brand website to them, through which they are taking action to drive positive change.

Intutive Menu

The homepage has an intuitive menu followed by a banner image and a tagline. This is where visitors will concentrate much of their attention on the site. The banner image displays a unique offering and what differentiates their businesses from others. The tagline states the overall purpose and objective and also highlights the company’s brand to the public.


It has monthly special packages to exhibit them to its customers. These packages attract customers related to their interests. These packages are mainly used to drive sales and help people know about their different options while making a purchase.


The shop page offers Conroe aesthetics a whole range of opportunities, from marketing opportunities to increase their product ranges. With our optimized and well-developed, they can offer their customers convenient around-the-clock service to boost their business.


Testimonials are added to capture the visitor’s attention. Testimonials help people decide whether they want to stay longer and continue browsing the site or not. They are also used to capture the attention of visitors and browse. An excellent way to keep them on your site is to show reviews and testimonials.


A newsletter can help you in enhancing your target audiences. Put information about the newsletter on your website and capture data and contact details of new audiences by inviting them to subscribe. Identify what your prospects are really searching for, and send email newsletters, including crucial aspects.


Their website footer aims to help visitors by adding information and navigation options at the bottom of web pages. Our Website footer designs are mainly about choosing what to include to help visitors and meeting business goals.

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