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Are you looking for some social SEO content? Anyone can write the article, but you can achieve a certain impressive level for your writing career with SEO writing. It takes special skills and practice to write SEO optimized articles. 

 What is SEO? 

The primary object of the Search engine is to help anyone find the information, product, services. The SEO work is to make the webpages attractive to the search engines to boost the website’s traffic. Your website must get on the top results. In this article, we will share some tips for writing essays that are SEO optimized that will set better rank in search engines. 

 An example that I will provide you is our website – To run and keep this site updated, we have several authors who work to provide you with quality content. But sometimes, the quality drops due to the lack of knowledge, time, or proper research. How can we fix that? What should we focus on to attract a good number of audience and avoid the mistakes?

In SEO writing, what matters is the phrases, keywords, which will help the search engines find the rank pages. When you write an SEO friendly article, there are certain things that you need to follow. On our website, when we hire an author who will work on one of our blogs, I give them a complete checklist, which will help them to write better articles. This SEO based list should follow so that we can produce quality content for you.

It would be useful to arrange all of this information into a post. So, let’s start!

  • Start with research 

 We all know how much an excellent article matters. Good research will help you make a difference for your client and as a writer for yourself. You can not expect good content without a fair amount of research. To provide a good SEO writing service, you need to follow specific rules. 


Few things which we should follow : 
  • Keyword to article 
  • Length of the article 
  • Type of the article
  • Analyze existing essay for an outline
  • People also ask questions

One of the fantastic things you can do for yourself and help you get authenticity for your SEO services is to get SEO tools like SEMrush.

 SEMrush provides free trials that will help you in research with a better topic and optimization of Keywords. It will help you learn which keywords you should be targeting and which are better for your webpage. SEMrush is one of the affordable SEO services which you can use to enhance your expertise

  •   Approach Keywords Research like an art 

 The changes in industries happen faster, and new keywords trends quicker than we know. What should we do to make our article better? Well, when you are writing an SEO friendly theme, you need to make sure that you search for thousands of keywords articles that are available. The more you discover – the more you will understand what is best for your SEO writing. 

Make the process Cyclical – because as I have mentioned, a change happens more quickly, you need to refresh your keywords in like every three months to update yourself about the work.

 How do we do Keyword Research for our Content creation?

 Creating content is not a difficult job if you understand what your audience needs. It would be best if you have analyzed your targeted audience so that you can grab the interest and write on the topics that will keep them hanging with your webpage. One of the best things to do is go for the Long–tail keywords in modern SEO because the top brands generally do not target these terms.

  •  Write to your audience first.

It is one of the top SEO writing tips which I am going to share with you. If you hire an SEO expert, there should be some strategy that should be used by them. The reason should not always be about your product or service, but industry-related. An informative and exciting content that is better than your competition is what you need to attract the audience. Writing for your audience is the easiest thing that an SEO can do. 

  •  Find the idle length of the article. 

A well-constructed blog full of ideas and a perfect length is what a reader wants. But how are you going to do that? SEMrush helps you identify the word limit you should use to increase your ranking on the first page. It is excellent for your SEO writing services as Your content matters the most. On the first-page, google may not flood with any blog-style content – so your content should satisfy the search query. If your demand is to hire SEO expert or if you want to work as an SEO, this strategy is what you should keep in mind. 

 How to write useful content for people?

Engaging your audience to stick with your webpage depends on how you are writing your content. Words that can satisfy their needs is what you need to do. People always look for excellent quality, not something duplicate. How friendly your SEO writing service is, your blog is – what they will look. The more affordable and the more strategies you will have – the well you can perform as an SEO writing expert. And to gain and to maintain an organic rank, you need a quality that can make an impact on your audience. 

  •  Enter your target keyword – 

Click on the “Create SEO template,” and it will show you the result.
 Create an outline and analyze the top 10 results of your targeted Keyword. As I have mentioned earlier, the right research is what should be your top priority and exploring where your competition stands to understand what needs to get done.

Research, SEO strategy is the basics that an SEO expert or SEO writing services can follow. It can be way too much, but you need to do whatever you can to achieve the rank. 

In my earlier guide, I have talked about this in-depth – “Long-form content for SEO.”

 Now, Based on your understanding – create an outline for your content. You can learn about it from this free guide and brainstorm about it. 

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  • The title tag: Still the most potent element 

 Keep your content simple and think about storytelling. The language of your target audience is what you should speak in your writing. The title tags should also be about 60 characters, so put your time into your actual creation. Your objective Keyword is part of the title tag – usually toward the front. 

You need to target the three most important keywords that describe your business/website on the homepage title tag.

 Write sentence by sentence –

Why is it so vital to write sentence by sentence and keep it short while writing? Why should we not write a paragraph in one go? I have learned one thing from Charles Euchner – Author of “The element of writing,” that single lines keep the mind fresh, and if you want your SEO writing to gain the most traffic, you should use this. It would help if you had your thoughts to express in your writing, and a short essay is what you can embrace for this. 

  • Structure your post 

 Why is a structure essential in your post? The answer is if you do not keep a well-structured article, people will lose interest quickly. To keep them hooked with your piece, you need the structure – the short paragraphs that will be easy for your user to read. For a search engine, the back-end is vital too. One more important thing is using proper tags when tagging headlines (H1 for titles and H2 for subtitles). It will help you maintain a well-structured post.

  •  Promote natural link building

 Just like link buying and link farms – link building is an important rank factor for SEO. Why? Link building strategies are beneficial Because linking your website will be helpful for your article. If another site has picked up your item, the link will take it to your website. Also, do a bit of creativity with other content like infographics and videos, adding an embed code on your site. It will help promote content sharing on another website as well – This will also add a link back to the source, so the increase of shareability depends on the content, which is why you should focus on quality.

  •  Proper connect with Social Media.

 Social Media is everything these days when it comes to sharing your content with the world. A potent tool if you want to expand the share and reach of your content. When you post your every article on your social media accounts and forums (with the links), this will create engagement and grab an attraction to a new audience. Keep a share button on your every blog post. Are you worried about how your link will appear? You can quickly implement Twitter cards for twitter or Open graphs for Facebook, which will give your connection a boost and maybe help you with click through rates.

As I have mentioned earlier, link building strategies are beneficial.

  •  Read all you can 

The more you read – the more you will gain ideas. It is something that will help you in being creative with your writing. The reading is a good push or a relaxation – If you are into business, you can try something informative like Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth.” 


Creating content that leads to conversion needs good research. It is what we should do in general or SEO writing. The more you stick to the point and get original research, the excellent content you will create. If you accept these qualities and value your client’s reader and your readers’ needs, you will achieve the prospects into customers. Remember, to have a good strategy and link building strategies are essential elements rather than your keywords and research. If you hire an SEO expert or if you start SEO writing services, these are what you should keep in mind. The SEO writing could be a profitable business if you think, and with patience and discipline – you do it correctly, the results will amaze you.


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