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+912% keyword visibility

The Problem

This Small Business Loans company is based in California and wanted to increase its visibility in the state. Despite providing excellent service, they were unable to grow their reach and attract new customers. They were quickly slipping behind their opponents.


When it comes to a lending firm, that limited range will include everything from “small business loans in location” to “location loaning services.”


We concentrated on a narrow range of only 20 to 30 phrases for our client’s campaign to gain a higher ranking, which would provide the most value to them.


It may be tough – and is becoming more difficult – to rank on the first page for location-based keyword phrases, let alone in the first three places. However, given the continuing campaign we had planned for this client, we were well aware that, while difficult, these goals could be met with the appropriate strategy.

The Plan

The goal was to increase the website’s organic exposure by continuing SEO work and collaborating with our Content Marketing team to establish authority.


Our strategy was straightforward:


  • Our Content Marketing team conducted outreach efforts to improve brand recognition.
  • To take advantage of such opportunities for backlink creation and authenticate the services available.
  • To utilize those reputable directories that consistently deliver on their promises to use Local SEO principles to improve directory listings – for greater sector authority – and to increase referral traffic.

The Execution

We’ve rebuilt the client’s website through a joint effort from our SEO and Content Marketing teams, consistently generated new site content (mainly blog entries), improved brand recognition, and picked up several links to the site in the past few months.


The SEO team improved the website during the first few months of the campaign to check every actionable ranking element we have control over. This includes things like improving titles, internal links, image optimization, and other crucial aspects like metadata generation and optimization.


Keyword research was conducted throughout the first few months, yielding the finest phrases and terms for our Content Marketing team to create a content structure around.


Following that, we wrote a lot of material for the website based on these terms. Some were published on websites that focused on the same or very similar themes, while others were written as blog entries. We also concentrated on writing about the difficulties that many of our client’s consumers would face, prompting them to look for solutions online.


Three major contributing elements to the overall success of this campaign came from the material created and shared on other websites. The three factors were:

  1. The offsite content’s topic and contextual relevance to the services on offer
  2. The text used for backlinks (anchor text) is utilized inside the content, which helps Google understand what a website offers.
  3. The increasing number of referring domains and backlinks to the client’s website

The Results

Here’s what we accomplished:


  • A 900% increase in keyword visibility.
  • Improvement in overall Google page 1 and 2 positions from 4 to 6.
  • An increase from a total of 5 referring domains.
  • An increase from a total of 12 backlinks.


The advantage of this cross-team effort to move the needle for rankings was that it was progressive, effective, and updated as needed to guarantee that positions achieved were further anchored into place through greater SEO and Content Marketing efforts.

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