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What we did

Tuan tours is a tourism company that provides the best tour services in Sri Lanka. The tourism website provided by us enhances their popularity and visibility.

Website Design



Direct communication

Phone calls or direct chatting makes the likelihood of accepting the services stronger than by indirect means. These contact buttons move the customers through the sales funnel, thus increasing conversions. The call option provides direct contact to the company.

Informative menu

The user-friendly menu provides essential information about the services, features, or quality assurance of the business. It includes contact options, blog posts, updates, recent events, special packages, etc.

Why choose us?

This is an essential section of the website. It provides information regarding every possible and innovative effort put in by Tuan tours company that differentiates them from the competitors.

Popular Packages

The popular packages influence the customer indirectly to check the website. Offers always attract the customers a lot and make them buy the package. Now-or-never offers are the best-known reason to drive the customer to accept the service. These limited offers are always displayed on the welcome page to captivate the customer.

Tour type

This section describes the different types of tours and varieties offered. This makes the customer browse the details to choose the best out of the rest. A combination selection option is also present for the customers to make their choice.

Search bar

Search for different tours can be made by the customer with the help of this search bar. The search data of the visitors also helps to understand the customer's needs.

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