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Perfume store gets a kickstart in online
business revenue.

What we did

All Good Scents aspires to be a brand that introduces high-quality, cruelty-free fragrances. They provide India with the elegance of long-lasting, reasonably priced perfumes. We established a brand website through which they improved conversion rate and saw a surge in orders.

Website Design



Intuitive Navigation

The intuitive menu interface provides various sections like our shop, scent box, gifting, collaborations, the perfumer, our story, and perfumery training. The use of this menu helps people to find the categories of the company service.

Shop by category

The shop by category section is featured for the customers to buy gender-based perfumes. The scentbox and gift sets also attract the attention of the visitors.

About Us

Every brand has its own story, and the best way to communicate it to your target audience is through the ‘About Us’ page. It is the most visited page of your site, and it triggers the visitors to know the ropes of the business.

Directive Footer

An informative footer is as essential as your header navigation. The end of the homepage where the visitors pass by frequently should provide contact information, links, and social media integration.

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