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+1019% lead conversion Effective PPC management helps Law Firm increase organic website traffic

The customer had more than 100 leads a month, and yet they wanted more. This well-known law firm came to digibulls with years of campaign data, which

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+55.28% conversion rate Small business loans agency gains 12x increase in conversions via PPC

A California-based Small Company Loans firm was using Google Ads to drive sales for their company’s services. They reached out to us at Digibulls to take

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+63.25% sales E-Commerce store sees improvement in sales with strategic PPC and reduction of average CPA

Our client was the owner of an E-Commerce store and managed Pay-Per-Click(PPC), Search and Shopping campaigns unsuccessfully, obtaining

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+1136 lead conversions Garage Door company gets major overhaul with focused PPC campaigns

Our client runs a Garage door business in New York. After a new website construction project erased all SEO value from its website, they came to us at Digibulls with…

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Insurance company sees surge in leads with no budget-change

Our client was an Insurance Company based in London. Their location in the heart of London posed a problem. As it is one of the most competitive cities in the…

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Jewelry company gets revenue boost and greater market visibility

Within a few months of using our services, the company began receiving 80+ organic inbound leads in the form of phone calls and sign-ups.

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Leading jewelry & gems company sees boost in revenue with PPC

More than twofold the volume of phone calls produced from PPC with a 1200% ROI increment.

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Provided responsive web design for IT Service company

IT Service gets a strong web presence through responsive design.

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Created an attractive layout for Fitness Website.

Attractive web layout helps Fitness Website gain more visibility.

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Helped in growing the brand’s identity

Complete web redesign helps grow the Garage Door brand’s image

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