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Lead Generation Company gets
Web design overhaul

What we did

Amptek is a company that increases and scales customer sales. Our website design services enabled them to grow
their brand image, increased conversion rate, and
saw a rise in orders.

Website Design



Intuitive Navigation

Informative navigation is simple to use for visitors visiting for the first time.
Various sections like home, solutions, portal, team, etc are included.


The section here is usually used to capture the attention of visitors.
Allowing visitors to learn more about your blog through reviews and testimonies
is a great way to keep them on your site.

Elements of social proof

If you're operating a company, your webpage should gain the confidence of your visitors.
An effective method to do this is to show visitors that you've received positive feedback from previous clients.
This can boost your credibility and demonstrate the quality of your work.

Package Deals

Customers can decide whether or not to use your service based on these costs.
It even makes it easier for them to compare your rates to those of your competing companies.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) allow you to answer particular questions that your customers might have about your company.

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