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Furniture store gets major overhaul
with website design

What we did

Sam & Sage is a South African baby, toddler, and children's lifestyle brand. They make baby clothes with lovely prints, playful graphics, and vibrant colors and fabrics.
We created a responsive website design, which resulted in a significant increase in revenue

Website Design



Simple Navigation

Clear and simple navigation is easy to use for first-time visitors.
There are different sections such as a shop, new arrivals, baby, etc.

A primary section with your
description and tagline

The objective of this section is to provide visitors with a clear overview of what to expect from your official website.
This section is generally created with extensive presentations.


This section lists users' choices for their children. It includes images of the products along with the price and name.


The content in your blog demonstrates your expert knowledge and helpfulness while also providing a
low-risk way for people to convert and begin a partnership with your company.

Footer with information

The importance of an informative footer is perhaps equal to that of your header navigation.
This area should provide three features once your visitor reaches the bottom of your homepage.
Contact information, about us, and social media icons.

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