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+312% increase in ROI Jewelry

The Problem

Sellyourjewelry, a leading firm for gems and jewelry situated in Singapore, wished to see an increase in its client base. Despite providing excellent service, they were unable to grow their reach and attract new customers. They were quickly lagging behind their competition.


Even though they had content before we started, their site was not SEO optimized. Their blogs had no format or heading structure, and they didn’t target a large enough readership. Their lack of an effective marketing plan and their unwillingness to devote time to it significantly impacted their income and overall growth. Their goal was simple: they wanted more clients and a boost in their jewelry business by implementing a solid SEO strategy.


After a couple of years of developing material, they became upset with the lack of organic traffic to the site. Their business strategy would not have worked without it. They came to us with a single goal in mind: to increase their organic traffic by 10x.

The Plan

Although the site already had material, it was not working to its full potential. Formatting, targeting, keyword usage, and a general lack of authority were all discovered throughout our content assessment (links). Before starting new content campaigns, we devised an action plan to improve existing material.


We scraped the competitors’ best-performing pages to identify additional keywords that should be included on the site. We devised a comprehensive approach to guarantee that each page is adequately targeted, speaks to the relevant audience, and generates consistent traffic.


We also did local SEO. Because it is a jewelry store, local SEO (ranking on Google Maps) was critical to its success. We recognized this early on and ranked them for the main keywords, which were highly competitive.


To increase inbound leads, we ranked those keywords on both Google Maps and Google Search. Keywords such as ‘sell gold for cash,’ ‘sell diamond rings,’ ‘sell diamond jewelry,’ ‘sell diamonds,’ and so on were used.


The final piece of the puzzle was acquiring a steady stream of inbound links from credible websites. We began outreach campaigns aimed at selling jewelry blogs. We successfully got the website regularly featured because we created high-quality blogs to attract inbound links.


This meticulously devised SEO strategy, combined with our years of digital marketing experience, has set them up for convincing success.

The Results

Within a few months of using our services, the company began receiving 80+ organic inbound leads in the form of phone calls and sign-ups. Their online presence and market visibility increased dramatically.


Their revenue increased threefold while their leads increased twelvefold. As a result, we were able to triple their return on investment (ROI).


New sellers flocked in, and a steady clientele was established. Their local network grew significantly.