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The Problem

Our client was an Insurance Company based in London. Their location in the heart of London posed a problem. As it is one of the most competitive cities in the world, many Insurance companies ran similar PPC ads.
Our client had been spending £44 for each conversion through their Google Ad campaigns. Still, they could generate only 20 leads per month. We wanted to boost the number of leads the ads were generating while keeping the cost-per-head as low as possible.
This idea was complicated by their tight budget. As it was an exceedingly competitive market, we had to enhance the productivity of their ad campaigns without any surge in their budget.

The Plan

While we reviewed the campaigns, we discovered that the content in ads was unattractive and needed to be optimized. In a highly competitive market, it was almost impossible for an ordinary ad to survive and create leads. So, we decided to build new campaigns and ads. With the perks of new formats, we build the campaign from ground zero. We used a structure that we thought would best suit their business.

The Execution

After compiling a decent amount of previous data to analyze, we started experimenting on the advanced bidding strategies. It included the usage of machine learning to optimize the performance of ads furthermore.
On top of that, while the client came on board with us, We identified their strong USPs and added them into the ad copy to make the offer more attractive, which increased the overall CTR and helped us get more clicks within the same budget.

The Results

  • The number of conversions rose from 23 to 32, marking an increase of 39% within the first 50 days of new account management. 
  • The pay-per-conversion was reduced from £44 to just £7.41. Our six months objective was to increase the number of leads for the available budget, so we were progressing on our way.
  • The conversion rate surged from 4.38%-13.44%. This was the result of the continuous effort of refining the keywords as per the target audience. It ensured the majority of the pay-per-clicks generated conversions.

This campaign reveals the perks of effective Google Ads management. It has a significant effect on the performance of any online business. It also saves money in the long run only if you ensure your available budget works best for you. We, at Digibulls, can assure you of that!