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The Issue

Our customer runs an insurance firm. They already had a significant interest in digital marketing and had worked with one of the UK’s most well-known marketers when they joined us. However, when we first started working together, their website didn’t have many monthly visits.

Our client had already done some essential web marketing with a previous SEO firm, but all they got was just “average results.” He sought assistance from us, but he could only afford to invest a small sum. We aimed to achieve results on a far smaller budget than we would ordinarily suggest.

The Strategy

We could only work on one aspect of our client’s website at a time due to the limited funding. We started with search engine optimization and then went on to content marketing. We were eventually forced to put our marketing efforts on hold while we worked on a site overhaul. 


We returned some portion of our budget to content marketing when the site redesign was completed. This strategy allowed us to complete website work as needed without spending too much money.

The Performance

The first stage in any online marketing project is to conduct keyword research. We examined the various words and phrases used by our client’s potential customers when looking for an insurance firm online. This was also a very useful exercise for us in terms of planning our blog posts.


We conducted technical checks on our client’s website regularly and corrected any faults we discovered. As a result, we were able to keep the website in the best possible form for attracting new customers. We also decided to create a new website for the client.


They already had a decent blog when we started working on this website. We contributed to the blog’s improvement by adding structure, polishing old posts, and developing new content aimed at assisting readers in solving basic accounting problems.


Although the new blog content drove new visitors to our client’s website, we observed that not many of them converted into customers. To address this, we created unique online forms for each blog article. We also altered the wording on these online forms to address the problems brought up by the blog. This increased the number of people scheduling consultations with our clients.


As a new and small business, our client didn’t have much left over to invest in marketing at the end of the month. So, we had to do all of our marketing for this client on a shoestring budget. The results were slower than they could have been with a higher budget, but we always find a way to maximize the productivity of the process and work we do. The client decided to increase their marketing spend with us in the last two months.

Finally, we also employed targeted outreach to establish connections and get relevant links for the website and created high-quality blogs to attract inbound links from famous blogs in the UK. 


The Results

Our client saw an increase from 2,894 visitors in the month they joined us to a new high of 7,429 visitors in the following month.

  • We boosted the website traffic by 156%.
  • We increased the number of visitors to the website through Google searches by 293%.
  • We saw a 31% increase in the number of people requesting a consultation with our client.


Finally, our client went on record to say that his “experience with us was great, the people were really friendly, had great communication, were responsible and the results were growing over time.”

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