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Increased sales of furniture store by optimizing product and pricing.

What we did

AROUNDtheTREE is an Award-Winning European Original Manufacturer of Signature Design Furniture. We created a brand for them to aim and create one-of-a-kind, exclusive and timeless pieces through the collaboration of innovative designers, helping them expand their market reach.

Website Design



Hero section with mission statement and slogan

It includes a quick overview of the website by using an image or a poster or a slideshow. This information gives an idea of the objective of the company and the service they provide.

Intuitive Menu

The use of an intuitive menu nourishes users with a wide variety of options to get inspired on the site. The gallery options in the menu bar make the customer imagine and recreate the product. This section provided various categories that include getting inspired, our story, shop, contacts, home, and collection.


It is the attention-grabbing place on the whole website. Reviews influence the customer to choose the service provider. The best outlook of these testimonials is of prime importance to seize the attention of the customer and make them stay longer on your site.

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