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Health & Wellness brand sees a boost in sales with a highly optimized website​

What we did

Conroe aesthetics is a top-notch brand that provides customers with excellent service. It is renowned for its beauty and health service. We shaped a brand new website for them to advertise and to give the viewers accurate information about the service

Website Design



Intuitive Menu

This informative menu features the various categories for the customer to understand the service. The tagline below describes the overall aspiration of the organization's objective. The poster image with eye-catching colors attracts the viewers to linger around the website.


This section exhibits monthly special packages to the visitors. These packages attract visitors, drive sales and provide a chance to enjoy the combined services.


This section is usually used to draw visitors' attention. Testimonials on the website make the customer feel confident about the information of the website. The reviews of the various customers offer insight into the service the company provides. This also allows the customer to browse and verify the details provided and stay on the site longer.


The shop page provides a wide range of opportunities to the brand, from marketing to expanding the product range. With an optimized site, they can also offer constant service to boost their business.


Newsletters on products, events, and offers that reach the target audience enhance the advertisement of the company. It also helps to make direct contact with the target population via email or contact details provided by the customer. Search data of the specific customer helps to send the crucial newsletter to them.


Footnote is the bottom navigation page that includes contact details along with additional information. This also helps customers to browse and help the company to understand the customer expectations by their search history. It is also designed in such a way to coordinate with the marketing objectives of the company.

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