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The Problem

Our client runs a New York-based business selling garage doors. At the onset, when they started working with us at Digibulls, their website had about 1,822 visitors per month. Now with our help, they get up to 8,438 visitors per month.


In the beginning, it was not very easy to convince our customers. The idea of Content Marketing and SEO working together for a business website was a wonder. The real obstacle we had to face was showing the client that things like blogs can move the needle “even” in the most competitive markets.

The Plan

To formulate a clear plan, we had to look through the search content of our client’s potential customers. The first thing we noticed was the frequent searches on garage doors made every month. People with other businesses engage with each other to get hold of potential customers.


We decided to try our shots with other different products. With many ambitious industries, it is always a risk to make progress when competitors commit to their marketing efforts. With the improvement of our customer’s marketing in different products, it would become easy to gather many new customers in the process.

The Execution

Very early on, there was a slight amount of progress in our customer’s sales copy. With the help of keyword research, we finally figured out the words and phrases our customer’s other potential customers were looking for. To make the website user-friendly, we removed all heavy and excessively technical terms from the keyword search. We also polished the page titles and the meta descriptions. Every page contains a page title, and we used simple formulas to generate catchy titles for the product pages.


We set up Google Analytics to precisely check the number of people visiting the website and placing orders. Our customer had earlier approached another agency but wasn’t happy with their results. This is why they were initially hesitant to spend more on the website. But our results were highly successful in attracting new customers.


In the process of creating new blogs, we got a chance to improvise the old contents in the blog. Highly technical expressions were altered and were published again.


We also worked on getting our client features on other business websites. We made sure to choose websites that were popular with their target audience. 

The Results

Despite the limited budget, the website we created for our client has seen more sales and inquiries than ever before. It may not be at its highest point yet, but we are confident about maintaining such numbers.  


  • We helped escalate the number of visitors by 219% in one year.
  • We helped boost the number of visitors coming to the website through Google searches by 363%.
  • We played a crucial role in increasing online sales and inquiries by 627%.


The client was satisfied with the progress made to the website and decided to decrease their marketing budget due to unavoidable reasons.


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