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+112% monthly visitors

The Problem

Our client runs an e-commerce store based in the UK. There is no physical outlet for the products they sell, and all sales come through online mode. The business could be called a well-established one in the category of small businesses. But the owners decided to increase their reach by investing a part of their profits in digital marketing. This decision has been their best investment considering client reach or converting them into customers to expand the business.  

Our client had a fair idea of online marketing, and many clever choices backed their success on online forums. As their sales and engagement with customers increased, they started facing a lack of time. At this point, we came into the picture and handled all aspects of his website to run his business smoothly.

The Plan

We could sense a decent possibility of success while going through our client’s website. With the perks of free shipping on orders above a certain range, they also offered a wide variety of products at reasonable costs. The conversion rate of visitors was also fairly high, so it was pretty clear that the business had a fair potential to grow. 

We made two goals as our priority:


  1. Increasing the traffic
  2. Improving the conversion rate

In the first year, we increased the visitors count to our client’s website through Google searches by 75.82% upon following this two-pronged approach.

The Execution

Our first task was to do in-depth research on keywords to find out which words and phrases are used by potential customers while searching for similar products online. We enhanced our client’s websites by optimizing their content with relevant keywords.

We modified the client’s page titles and meta descriptions to attract potential customers and refrain them from visiting our competitor’s site. The customers always look for a relevant and catchy meta description that serves as the first impression to our customers.

We improved the website navigation by adding links on a webpage to move to another webpage of the same site. This marks a clear distinction between different parts of the site.

Creating a blog in the light of the products sold is an excellent way to attract more traffic. The credibility and relevance of the blog should be very high to increase the conversion rate. To achieve the same, we started publishing blogs weekly.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for customers to choose between products, especially from a greater variety. To solve this issue, we started to publish comprehensive product guides that would help customers mark a clear distinction between similar-looking products. These guides had distinctively optimized content based on whether they are for new or existing customers.

By writing about their e-commerce store on different websites, we proved our client’s brand as a reliable source. We made significant growth in their business by ensuring a regular column in one of the top websites of this industry.

The Results

  • The monthly visitors to our client’s website upscaled by 110%.
  • The number of visitors coming to our client’s website through Google searches increased in the first year by 75.82%.
  • The monthly sales rose from £230K to £680K in a single month.


Our Client is extremely delighted with the results of his expenditure. Not only has his sales compounded year on year, but he also generated a massive return on his previous marketing budget. 

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