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+43% organic traffic

The Problem

Our client was selling high-quality, low-cost items directly to customers solely through their website in a market dominated by traditionally large brands. Our client was not available at big box stores or third-party e-Commerce merchants. All sales were made through their website. With this strategy, rapid development is essential, necessitating the use of excellent SEO components.

The Plan

With an aggressive PPC campaign already in place, they came to us hoping to improve their SEO income and build a network of converted customers and influencers to assist in promoting their brand message.


We aimed to boost ranks for their most important unbranded phrases, generate income from organic/referral sources, and raise brand recognition for their boutique business.

The Execution

Our first order of business was to conduct a thorough Technical SEO Audit. We concluded that significant changes needed to be made to their site to better correspond to current SEO guidelines. Upon implementation of our advice, we immediately launch an aggressive Online PR campaign to help spread the news, boost brand recognition, and, most importantly, attract people to the site to examine the product offers.


Aware of the fact that we wouldn’t be able to readily place content at first, we searched for other ways to reach customers. We launched an Online PR Influencer outreach effort, certain that once consumers and influencers tried the product, they would be hooked. We collaborated with mid-tier influencers in their industry to give free product samples, hold contests, and eventually evaluate our client’s goods. We sought to utilize these influencers’ audiences to assist in broadcasting the news to their followers in a non-salesy and helpful manner.


We then proceeded to develop evergreen content that would be relevant to customers throughout the year. We recognized challenges that all customers encountered and provided solutions through our client’s product offerings. Several sources took up these pieces of relevant content to assist spread the word about our client’s brand and highlight their product ranges.

The Results

We effectively improved our client’s organic traffic by 43 percent compared to the previous year using a combination of Technical SEO and Online PR. We also saw gains in our client’s engagement metrics, particularly time on site, where our clients’ customers stayed more than twice as long as the industry average. The increase in sessions was equivalent to almost 1 million additional unique sessions originating from organic search.