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4.2x ROAS

The Problem

Our client was an E-Commerce business. They had previously advertised with Google ads but were not satisfied with the results. This led them to us at Digibulls.


We went through their account, and we quickly found the issue. They used basic conversion tracking to figure out the number of sales that occur each month from Google ads. What they didn’t know was the exact revenue from those sales. 


To be precise, they were trying to improve the ads to see if it is worth the same amount for their business. If all the products cost the same price, it would be worth it, but unfortunately, their products fell under multiple ranges. That’s where the major difference arose in calculating the ROI from Google Ads. 

The Plan

Our customer wasn’t sure about improving their performance because of the basic version of conversion tracking data. Because of that situation, they had found themselves taking incorrect actions.


At first, we started with the basics. Nevertheless, as we started seeing ROI, we began scaling their campaigns and saw remarkable results in our efforts. We even took a break because the business escalated quickly, and they would be overburdened with the operational work. We kept a close look at the situation to continue improving the growth rate steadily while making sure they were properly in action. 

The Execution

This E-Commerce business had been through a tough time in reaching the statistical data, aka the demographics. The first step taken by our team was that they created new videos of all the existing ads. 


Advance strategies were processed related to the increase in the inbound website leads through paid searches. Our main objective was to target the frequent keywords on Google and keep checking on the conversion rates. 


We helped our clients escalate their search visibility and helped them get more new customers every month. 

The Results

The advances were made because of the new campaign method, which involved getting rid of those campaigns that generated a loss and investing in positive results. In fact, this is the entire crux of optimizing Google ads. 

Once you get the hang of it, you will know what keywords to use precisely and what ads will increase the leads and sales. The remaining part is simple, which escalates the ROI. 


Based on this case study, here’s how we took over this E-Commerce firm’s Facebook Ad Account from $1,500 a month to $30,000+ a month effectively and at a lifetime 4.2X return on the ad spend (ROAS) with over $250,000 in the ad spend. 


Here’s how we achieved this:

  • To check which creative ideas worked, we ran ad tests. 
  • Separate audiences used for an explosive lookalike performance.
  • Influencers were used to gather new audiences.
  • Rebuilt remarketing to create a fresh brand experience.