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Developed custom tools to boost sales of
Agricultural Solutions Company.

What we did

AGRITEK NZ LTD is a New Zealand-based agricultural biotechnology, organic fertilizer, and soil amendments company. We delivered an optimized website for their agricultural biotechnology soil amendments business. They used this website to assist growers and farmers worldwide and created a more profitable and promising future.

Website Design



A hero section with a vision statement and tagline

The poster or tag line below the navigation menu enriches the customer with the vision and mission of the organization. The overall concept of the website is provided to the customer. This image can even be a slideshow or a video.

Contact information

With easy access to the contact information, visitors can know that they can contact someone if necessary. Every homepage has this contact information for the user's assistance. Email ids addresses and phone numbers are provided for business purposes or any queries related to issues.

Informational Footer

What the viewers take from the website is decided by the footnote of the website. It adds prominent weightage to your footnotes. It should provide a shortcut to quick links, social media accounts, blogs, and contact information for ease of access.

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