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Developed branding & communication tools
for Kids lifestyle brand

What we did

Sam & Sage is a South African lifestyle brand for babies, toddlers, and children. They manufacture baby clothes with beautiful prints, playful graphics, and bold colors and fabric. We created communication and branding tools for them through which they have seen a significant boost in revenue.

Website Design



Hero section with motto and mission statement

The whole website concept is framed into an image or slideshow on the first page of the website. The company's perspective is precise to understand in the form of an image or a tagline.

User-friendly menu

The guiding menu informs the user about the website. The ultimate goal is to provide the visitors with clear navigation. The affirmative background is created for the visitors via a user-friendly menu.


The list of outfits and products with additional details is categorized on this section of the website. The name, characteristics, and size of the product help the users make their choice.

Blog Spotlight

The blog content showcases your experience and expertise for the visitor to understand the value of the product. The information on handling the product with care is described in this section.

Footnote data

The footnote is as essential as a header note. Since it is the end of the website, it must contain contact information, relevant links, social media handles, and other details.

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