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300+ monthly organic leads

The Problem

Conway House, a dental clinic based in the UK sought a substantial improvement in their number of clients. Despite offering top-notch services, they found themselves unable to expand their reach and gain steady clients. Very soon they were falling behind their competitors. Their SEO rankings were unstable and the lack of effective marketing strategies and inability to invest time into it was severely affecting their revenue and overall growth. There was a complete lack of any content or blogs on their site. Another handicap was that their Google My Business profile never showed up in the top 3 results for the main keywords. Their bottom line was simple: they wanted an increase in clients and a boost in their dental practice.

The Plan

The need to modify and revamp their marketing approaches led them to us at Digibulls. After studying the Dental Clinic’s needs, we finalized a marketing strategy was finalized and our approach was primarily on SEO and Google Ads. 


As part of our SEO strategies, our approach was two-pronged. We decided to overhaul and re-do all the pages on their website from scratch. This meant adding keyword optimized content to promote individual services. 


Next, we realized that a business like a dental clinic requires local visibility. So, we decided to incorporate local SEO to boost their ranking on Google Maps.


The Execution

In accordance with our plans, we revamped Conway House Dental’s website by adding keyword-optimized content. Next, we started maintaining an active and resourceful blog which drove a ton of traffic to the site. Finally, we also employed targeted outreach to establish connections and get relevant links for the website and created high-quality blogs to attract inbound links from famous blogs in the UK. 


As part of our SEO strategies, local SEO was the most crucial for businesses like dental clinics. We identified and ranked the main keywords associated with the dental clinic (like ‘dentist high Wycombe’, ‘emergency dentist high Wycombe, ‘best dentist high Wycombe, and ‘dentist near me’) on both Google Search and Google Maps for maximum visibility. 


For our strategies to work well, we also optimized the speed of the website and fixed several on page SEO and technical issues. 


This carefully devised SEO-based advertisement strategy, together with Digibulls’ years of experience in digital marketing, set them up for definite success.


The Results

Within a few months of availing the services of Digibulls, the Conway House Dental’s calls shot up. Their online presence and market visibility increased by manifolds. The use of location-based SEO ensured that their dental clinic was one of the top results for queries like ‘dentists near me’ and ‘dentist high Wycombe’. These ads generated great leads and converted views into sales. 

Within six months, the business started receiving 300+ organic inbound leads monthly. These were mainly in the form of phone calls and sign-ups. New patients came pouring in, and a steady clientele was built. Their revenue witnessed a threefold increase, with 53x leads and a 1200% Return on Investment (ROI)


Digital viewership increased significantly, and this increase in Conway House Dental’s visibility resulted in their overall broader reach. Their initial target of getting 100 new patients per month saw an upward surge to almost 345 patients every month as a result of our digital marketing strategies at Digibulls. Not only did they see considerable business growth, but also a substantial increase in their local network. And all their previously stated goals were not just met, but these goals were surpassed significantly