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+63.25% Sales

The Problem

Our client was the owner of an E-Commerce store and managed Pay-Per-Click(PPC), Search and Shopping campaigns unsuccessfully, obtaining an Average Cost per Acquisition(CPA) of £76.04. Indeed, the lack of progress was very disheartening, and this made them choose us.

The Plan

Our most important task was to boost the sales and upgrade the average CPA throughout the Search and Shopping Campaigns.


The first PPC search campaign had an objective to target a large number of products. Generally, businesses that self-manage their campaigns believe that advertising many products will help them get more sales. But this strategy rarely ever works.   
However, with such limited focus, this approach was costing them in maintaining or sustaining the level of profit cost in the business.

The Execution

When we were given the PPC account, our prime concern was to focus on the high-end keywords and eliminate those unrelated to the Shopping Campaign. We revised the advertisements delivered for the PPC campaign and helped them come up with new advertisement extensions. As a result, we could provide more USPs to encourage a user to click on the ad. 
The Google Shopping Campaign was earlier assembled to promote all products on the website. Because of the restricted funds, the customer reached his maximum quota on spending and missed out on conversions for their best products. We then categorized all products into their groups, with the prime focus being on promoting their best-performing products with the highest ROI. The offer price was also altered to make the spotlight product ads more noticeable in the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) space.
With the help of the factual data gathered from the old campaigns, we created an ad schedule. As a result, we were bidding more during those times that had earlier seen a boost in sales. This helped to save up money and reduce our expenditure.

The Results

The campaign results took a substantially positive turn. The sales percent escalated by 63.25% in one month, while the average CPA was reduced by 54.1%. In their history of running Paid Search Campaigns, our client achieved the highest level of sales. 
It is often rare to attain such growth in the first month of the campaign, but it can be achieved by the PPC campaigns with the help of a professional PPC manager.