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++55.28% conversion rate

The Problem

A California-based Small Company Loans firm was using Google Ads to drive sales for their company’s services. They reached out to us at Digibulls to take over their campaign as things took a turn for the worse for their business.


Our PPC team brought down the cost per acquisition (CPA) and substantially expanded the number of leads generated by the campaign.
This small business loans company is a true local expert with a reputation for personal service, building trust, and even property knowledge.

The Plan

Over many years, the customer was handling their Google Ads on their own. They needed to see if professional PPC management could improve the overall efficiency of their Google Ads account, so they partnered with us. The purpose was to promote traffic quality, CPC and improve the conversion rate.
Our objective was to increase the number of inquiries and meet their goal of competing more effectively in the digital sphere against the major players in the populated central California market.

The Execution

We began with the Roadmap service, in which we analyzed the existing account down to the minutest detail and provided strategic advice. 
An incredibly complex loan composition is one of the things we frequently notice. Organizing and grouping similar terms into specific ad groups was a good idea. Nevertheless, this can result in people getting distracted and creating a slew of campaigns and ad groups. 
This makes it more difficult to handle the loans. As a result, we began by simplifying the loan framework based on the services and campaign objectives.
Secondly, for every new ad group, we formed quite a few extended search ads. Our team at Digibulls also established ad extensions like site links, call-outs, and call extensions. These are useful in securing more space for the advertisement, making it appear more noticeable. Also, it assists the users in completing the desired action much more quickly.
We looked at previous campaign data for the best dates, times, and devices for when the ads performed nicely to make every click via the site as valuable, successful, and commercial as possible. This permitted us to quickly focus the expenditure on the places where we could make the most money.

The Results

  • The Conversion Rate raised from 0.74 percent to 4.43 percent, and the click-through rate was boosted by 55.28 percent.
    We were able to reduce the CPC by 42 percent in just six months. Over the first 6 months of our PPC management, we’ve seen a 12X rise in conversions.
    The loan takeover was a massive success, the campaign is financially viable, and the business is still a member of the Digibulls family.