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The Problem

Our client runs a Garage door business in New York. After a new website construction project erased all SEO value from its website, they came to us at Digibulls with a Google emergency.
Even before considering the overall health of the paid search account, managing paid search campaigns for garage door services on Google comes with numerous inherent compliance issues.
Aside from issues with advertising compliance, a major challenge with any successful PPC advertising campaign is determining how the campaigns are structured and organized (e.g., the number of campaigns, Ad Groups, etc.). This also includes the Keyword Match Types, selecting the right Destination URLs, and having the right content to direct users to once they click on your ad.

The Plan

The client’s Google Ads account required a total overhaul, including new attractive A/B, Split tested Ad content for each Ad group, as well as geographically targeted Campaigns and Ad Groups, precise adjustments to keyword match types, and regional targeting.
With the previous campaigns in disarray, our PPC optimization specialists decided to rebuild the account completely, establishing more targeted Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords.

The Execution

The client’s success was mainly due to this technique, which was supplemented with continuous daily account management. Campaign performance indicators like clicks, click-through rate (CTR), Average Position, and Quality Score increased significantly. This, along with the addition of a lead capture mechanism on each landing page for our PPC campaign, resulted in a significant boost in online lead generation.

The Results

  • By executing our approach and daily optimization, we significantly improved the performance of the client’s paid search ads.

    Google Ads resulted in 1,336 lead conversions. We also reduced their cost per acquisition from $98 to $50, a reduction of 49%.