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The Problem

Our client was a well-known Law Firm with more than 100 leads a month, yet they wanted more. They came to us with years of campaign data, which had already shown growth and progress. This isn’t a case study about a “quick win.” Our experts thoroughly examined the campaigns to determine what improvements could be made.

The Plan

With every client, we lay out a strategy: track leads throughout their journey and optimize along the way. That wasn’t any different. To achieve results, we proposed an integrated paid media strategic plan.
With the amount of data we received, we arrived at the following solutions:

  • Lead quality optimization.
  • Transform the company’s website into a lead generator.
  • Offer prospects a chance to interact with the website.
  • Show quick results to prove their investment’s value.

The Execution

To evaluate its data every week, we used call tracking technology to analyze which keywords, channels, and advertisements generated quality phone calls for their company.
We used Dynamic Search Ads to maximize their targeting possibility for Google to combine the different landing pages in separate situations. This helped us to find new and powerful keywords to add and optimize more relevant campaigns.
Our team at Digibulls thoroughly researched the law firm’s target markets and ascertained which marketing strategies will be necessary for the company’s objectives to be achieved.
Then we were able to highlight and enforce the digital marketing opportunities which would have the greatest influence. We also established their digital presence so that they could have a fair shot of competing online.

  • All marketing was aligned with the demographics of the clients. Conversion opportunities on the website were audited.
  • Conversion elements, including calls-to-action (CTAs), were added.
  • Added possibilities for interaction, along with a blog and contact form.
  • Search engine friendliness was improved on the optimized website. Google AdWords (PPC) was developed.
  • Their Google Business page was optimized.
  • Links and citations were established for improving local rankings.

The Results

  • The number of organic visitors to a law firm’s website has been boosted by 39%.
    We didn’t want to get away with anything less than remarkable, and our results prove that. After evaluating phone call quality, we turned the budget and optimizations to those day hours that generated the most qualified leads. We managed fast-acting advertising plans to gain results because we took the time to understand their clients and company.

    • Lead conversions were boosted by 1000% in about 16 months.
    • The company’s organic website traffic increased by more than 39% per cent in a year.
    • Direct traffic increased by 56%, implying increased brand recognition.
    • Their campaign for PPC also led to 475 conversion rates of more than 17.4%.