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Given the massive amount of time spent by people on their phones, several brands have realized the internet’s potential not only for marketing purposes but also for building a consumer database. Most of these brands have offers and incentives in exchange for simple tasks through many listed apps.

These money making apps gather selective data and information from individuals to boost their brand. Your work may range from taking quick and easy surveys, filling out short forms, writing product reviews, and the like. Most of these apps pay direct money, while others provide you with vouchers, coupons, and cashback. The tasks provided to you could either be online or offline. Are you curious yet? Read on to gain insight into the best apps to make money.

All the apps listed below are available for both Android and iOS devices.

  •  Google Opinion Rewards

 One of the simplest means of getting paid, Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best money making apps. All that has required of you is to complete a short survey on a wide range of topics. These include reviews of hotels, products, and services. You might also have to rate advertisements and videos or even provide your personal opinion for particular brands. All these surveys are very brief, so you can complete them while you are on the go as they are not time-consuming. The payments for these online surveys are in the form of rewards either on Google Play or as PayPal credits. 

  • Frapp

 Mumbai-based Footwork, formerly known as Frapp, distributes micro-jobs. They help brands engage with the student community as well as anyone who wants to earn money. Footwork provides companies with the opportunity to hire people for micro-jobs. Due to this, they can better meet their objectives. Their targeted audience includes students, unemployed youth, and stay-at-home parents. These involve sales, marketing operations, and research. Besides providing opportunities, the app also hands out discount coupons you can use at many major outlets.

How to Make Money With Apps?

Using money making apps is no hardship if you know what apps to use. Most often, these apps are user-friendly with clear instructions for usage. You need to provide personal details and other information, depending on which app you use.

  • Acorns

From acorns, mighty oaks do grow. Their tagline hints at the work they do. Essentially a savings app, Acorns invests your money, thereby increasing it. How this works is that Acorns rounds up your spare change from online transactions and credit card purchases. Then they deposit it into an investment account. For example, let us assume you spent $14.50 at lunch. Acorns rounds it up to $15 and invests $0.50. The app charges $1, $2, or $3 per month depending on the pricing tier you select. Since it provides an easy method of investing your money, it has gained popularity for investment and money-making purposes.

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  • Foap

 Foap is a crowdsourcing platform that helps you make money for something as simple as clicking pictures! You take images, upload them on Foap, and then sell them to top brands all over the world. They are then purchased and used by companies, brands, and advertisers. 

 To use this app, register for a Foap account and start uploading your images. Make sure your pictures have clear tags so that the Foap community can rate them. High rated pictures will have better visibility. Users can sell these pictures via Foap Missions or at This money-making app has partners that help to distribute photos. One such partner is Getty Images.


  • Uber

While most of us have used the Uber app to hail a ride, you can also use it to make some quick bucks by driving people around. You can either become a full-time Uber driver or turn on the Uber app when you want to start working. Uber provides bonuses for driving at certain hours. Tips from customers also add to your income.

For people wary of letting in strangers in your car, we have another solution. Join UberEats and become a food-delivery agent! 

  •  Scoopshot

 Scoopshot is a crowdsourcing platform where smartphone users can upload photos and videos onto the app. You can then sell them to different brands. Ultimately, media companies or freelance journalists buy and use these photos. Scoopshot thus provides an efficient way of making money through apps. So, keep clicking high-quality authentic pictures and post them on Scoopshot to earn easy money. 

  • Ibotta

The Ibotta app adds a unique twist on cashback rewards. Ibotta enables its users to earn cashback on receipts of in-store and online purchases. The app then verifies your transaction. While the Ibotta partners’ network is not broad, it still covers brands like Target, Walmart, Domino’s Pizzas, and Walgreens. Ibotta is also offering a $20 welcome bonus to new app users who make a qualifying purchase.

  •  iPoll

To receive rewards like gift cards, airline credits, and more, create an iPoll account. You will receive notifications if you qualify to take simple, paid surveys. The tasks are as comfortable as reviewing products and services you use or even of places you visit. Earn iPoll currency and enjoy cash pay-outs or popular gift cards from your favorite brands. It is that simple!

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  •  Gigwalk

Using Gigwalk, you get to choose from gigs that take anywhere between 5 minutes to a few hours, depending on the gig you choose and how much you want to make. This money-making app has a built-in map feature that allows you to find gigs near you. The number of gigs you do or how long you do them for is all your choice. You could even become a full-time Gigwalker. Gigwalk has linked to PayPal, so you can rest assured that your money reaches you safely.

  • Upwork

Upwork is the replacement for the older Elance-oDesk website. It primarily lets you find gigs similar to Gigwalk. The only difference is that here, most of the work done is online. You can find work as a virtual assistant, a writer, or a web developer. And you can set up the app to get notifications of job openings and more. Upwork has emerged as a popular freelancing platform helping individuals make money through apps.

Which apps make you the most money in 2020?

As a general rule, gig apps allow you to make more money as compared to survey apps. So, Lyft and Gigwalk users earn more than Google Opinion Rewards or iPoll users.

  • Money App

 The Money App is another market research app that pays money for completing tasks. These could include offering opinions, mystery shopping, participating in free trials, playing games, checking store displays, and testing services. How does it work? Open an account and start performing tasks. On completion of tasks, you receive rewards. Accumulate rewards and then cash them in through PayPal. What makes this money making app popular? Well, you receive your payment without delay. PayPal credits the amount within 2-3 working days. This feature alone provides a sizable advantage to the Money App.

  •  Paribus

Paribus is available on the Google PlayStore as well as the App Store. Download the app and sync it with your email account. The app then scans your account for past purchases. After this, it searches for refunds or price drops on these products. If such price drops have occurred, Paribus negotiates with the online companies. Their primary aim is to ensure these companies refund the difference. You can also claim compensation for late deliveries from online orders. The Paribus app is 100% free. They do not take a commission of the savings, charge a monthly fee, or surprise you with any hidden charges. 

  •  Mercari

 This Japanese e-commerce company provides the fastest and easiest way to sell items online and make money. Anything lying around at home that you have no use of or have outgrown can list them on this app. The listings are free. After you receive offers for your product, you need to pay a 10% fee to Macari and make the sale.


Are money making apps legit?

Of course! You have nothing to fear if the apps you use are listed and verified. While you may not earn enough to make an actual living, a little money on the side does help.

This app is also a popular place to purchase vintage pre-owned merchandise and collectibles.



Formerly known as eBates, Rakuten Rewards is a boon for online shoppers. eBates was a cashback app with information on vouchers, coupons, promo codes, and sales. It operates in almost 29 countries. Rakuten has more than 2,500 partner stores, making it one of the best money making apps for online shoppers. Rakuten receives commission referrals from all these stores. This commission has then split with the users as cash backs. Some of its partner stores include Amazon, Walmart, H&M, and many more. You can also use the site or app to find coupons and apply them to your order at check out.

  •  Lyft

 Lyft is a ride-sharing app like Uber. To drive for Lyft, you must apply and make sure you fit their criteria. You then have the option of working full-time or as a side hustle to earn some extra cash on weekends. Lyft arranges a car for you if you do not already own one through one of their partners. Often, car payment includes insurance, unlimited miles, and maintenance had. An average Lyft driver can make anything between $8.00 – $30.00 an hour. 

Final thoughts

 In conclusion, all the apps listed above provide the user with many opportunities to earn money online. These money making apps are almost always free. Even the commission or fee charged by them is often nominal. The best thing about this money making apps is that everyone can access them. You do not need sophisticated devices like laptops or PCs. Most people can now afford smartphones. And what better way to use them than to make money? Get the best deals, discounts, and cashback and download this money making apps without further ado.

 Moreover, if you are a business, you should hire Mobile App Developers to create better apps that promote and manage your brand.

So, what is the delay? Take your pick from the money making apps listed above and begin earning immediately!

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