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If you are looking for an automated system to provide you with some excellent and specific keywords, this is such a detailed post. It will let you know how to use it and find the exact keywords for your article or area of interest. One of the most vital challenges is finding the keywords that will drive the traffic to the site or blog and generate money for you. So, let us dig in more into this article.

The websites need to come on top of the search results page. Here when SEO comes into the picture. Tools like LongTailPro also are useful in making the website or the blog come to the search engine results page’s top position. If you go for a regular and general term or keyword, many competitions are there for those keywords. So, it is necessary to find a replacement for such keywords. And Long Tail Pro tool does this job for us in an efficient manner. Hence, it is essential to target such lengthy and generic keywords and replace them with the long-tail keywords.

These Long-tail keywords are generally well-researched queries that come out in different questions, long phrases, etc. They are specifically valuable in businesses as they have a highly correct way that indicates the high value for money. However, it is straightforward to rank the long-tail keywords than their generic keywords, as they include most of the keywords searched on the engine. It also helps in finding high CPC keywords.

LongTailPro tool review:

  • You must be familiar with the Long Tail Pro tool before using it. If you are using it, you must be having a website or blog running. LongTailPro comes to use for such websites. First, let’s define what precisely Long Tail Pro is. Long Tail Pro is a keyword research system that will find the exact keywords with lower competition. 
  • Unique keywords are usually less competitive and, in turn, will help you to get discovered. It is a useful tool for Search Engine Optimization experts. However, it is not for those who are doing paid ads. It is an essential tool in digital marketing. Typical keywords are generic and appear in large volumes, and are difficult to rank as well. That is the reason behind finding specific keywords using this tool.
  • The reader’s and viewer’s interest in the website or the page also increases by using these specified keywords.

Description of LongTailPro:

Long Tail Pro 1

As, Long tail pro is a premium tool, and it costs money. It helps in link building strategies. You can test it for a few days with a long tail pro trial before using it for a few bucks. It is not yet another keyword research tool, as it has tons of features. Below are some of its features:

  • It has different projects for different sites that help you stay in order.
  •  Long tail pro generates keywords based on your exact keyword. 
  •  Exports the keywords in a spreadsheet.
  •  Long Tail Pro can get keywords in Long Tail Pro.
  •  Find high-CPC keywords that increase revenue.
  •  Helps in finding domain names.
  •  It checks the Google, Yahoo ranking for your specific keywords.
  •  It fits competitor keywords.
  •  Find your favorite keywords.

Is Long Tail Pro apt for you?

The keyword research tool is essential for anyone having a website. However, Long Tail Pro is a good pick because:

  • It will get more organic traffic and increase site rankings.
  • Interests’ readers.
  • Meets the audience’s needs.
  • It finds keywords that have low competition.
  • Generates high traffic.

Why Should you go for long tail keywords? 

  • It consists of fewer words.  
  • Mostly used names so appear highly in search volume.  
  • It is widespread.
  • It isn’t easy to rank for these keywords.

Some of the reasons for Long Tail keywords are:

  • It consists of specific keywords.
  • Has low search volume
  • They are specific.
  • It generates organic traffic and has a high converting value.

From the above points, we can easily conclude that long-tail keywords are much more comfortable and better for increasing organic traffic. 

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Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro 2

Keyword Research is one of the best segments of Long Tail Pro. It helps your website in better ranking in the search results. 

Keyword Research is a critical ingredient of Long Tail Pro. It is here that you search for keywords that are specific and which rank the websites better. These tools help businesses as they, in turn, lead to some purchases and make them earn money. It isn’t easy to find this kind of specific keyword without such keyword search tools. One of the instruments is the Long Tail Pro tool that helps in finding the keyword quickly. You can also find SERP analysis, volume, ranks, and other data from such tools and keywords.

Searching for Competitor’s Keywords  

This section will help in finding the competitor’s keywords and know what they are up to. It also helps find keywords that help businesses.

Competitors Keywords – It is a good idea to know the competitor’s keywords. This competitors’ keywords section will help us with that. These kinds of tools will also help you find the specific keywords that, in turn, fetch business. It is another such feature to find the right keywords easily. If not for these tools, keyword search takes time and a lot of effort too. It is better to have an idea of the competitors’ linking strategies as well.

How to use long-tail keywords?

You can use these keywords to attract traffic that has a higher value to convert. As the keywords are more apt, the traffic you get is more accurate and easily converted to the amount.

Manual Keywords – This section helps you to find out the volume, rank value, etc. It allows you to find out 200 keywords at once.

 Average Keyword Competitiveness shows you how hard it is to come to the first page of a Google search. Your keywords fall into green, yellow, and other shades accordingly.

  • Search Volume – This is for the searches done in a country in the search engine.
  • Advertiser Bid – This shows the amount paid for appearing in the first ten results.
  • Rank Value: This is the rank of the first ten search results page. 

How should you use the Long Tail Pro keyword tool?

To start using the Long Tail Pro tool, go to You can first test all the features for a small amount.

Next is to create a campaign and choose the country for keyword searches. It is to avoid getting another country’s keywords. The rest is straightforward to follow.

How to cancel Long Tail Pro? 

 To cancel the subscription, go to the account and cancel it.

Pros of Long Tail Pro:

  1. You will get many specific keyword suggestions.
  2. Its keyword score is instrumental.
  3. It has the rank tracker feature.
  4. It is a tool that offers affordable prices.
  5. SERP analysis helps in the ranking of the top 10 in the search results.


  1. Compared to some other similar tools, it doesn’t offer much.
  2. Long Tail Pro has useful features but has few bugs.
  3. There is not much room in the SERP Analysis screen for showing URLs and other data.
Rank Tracker

Long Tail Pro 3

If you want to track keyword growth or keyword rank, this section will help you in that. This tool works by organizing your keywords into such small areas of rank groups. The rank tracker can also be used to find out where the primary traffic comes from.

Features of Rank Tracker:     

  • About 200 keywords can be added per project.
  • You can add a specific page to be tracked on your website.
  • Results have based on the location or the country where your business is there.
  • Updates come every day related to the ranking.
  • The ranking can be viewed on a daily or monthly basis and even yearly basis.

Backlink Analysis Tool

Long Tail Pro also analyses backlinks. You need to update yourself with the keywords your competitors are using to get an idea. Using this tool, you can view your competitor’s backlink ideas. It is a great way to analyze your competitor’s backlink strategy, which helps you with your site’s off-page process as well.

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Extended Tail Pro Review Updates

We will show you the three new Long Tail Pro updates in this article. They are as given below:·        

  • This update makes the keyword search very easy than before.
  • It is cheaper than before, and the one-time fee has also been introduced.
  • It lets you teach you everything you require to know to search, build, and rank a profitable keyword loaded website.
  •  Extended Tail Pro has a spreadsheet with many low, competitive keywords. Long, competitive keywords have a higher ranking.

Long Tail Pro Prices and Support.

If you search for a tool for helping you with your SEO purposes, it is better to compare prices. The expensive plan in this tool allows you to search about 2500 keywords a day. You can go for an annual list instead of monthly. This price justifies since Long Tail Pro is among the best keyword research tools.  


From the above facts, Long Tail Pro has lots of advantages. It is useful in the business model as well. It takes a lot of time to search for such keywords without these tools. Long Tail Pro helps in finding them quickly and with ease. It is worth the value when considering using this tool for keyword analysis in a complete package.

If you decide to make the Long Tail Pro tool as one of your SEO tools, you will be increasing your site ranking and drawing traffic to your site. You might be wondering if the price is costly, but you can make a purchase of a small amount and test all its features. Based on this and your satisfaction, you can decide to take a premium plan and continue its usage. 

There are alternatives to this tool, which might be cheaper than LongTailPro. But they do not come with so many features and do not serve the purpose. The long Tail Pro tool is one of the best tools to drive organic traffic and earn money. This tool is valuable for money, and alternatives to this tool don’t match up to this. 


Thus, this tool helps rank the websites, blogs, and other pages in the google search engine’s top search results. This tool, as described above, has many excellent and beneficial features. It increases the organic traffic and site ranking. In short, this is an automated system that provides the specific keywords in replacement to the generic keywords, thereby increasing the page’s rank.


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