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    Almost all law firms these days have an online presence which they use to reach out to a target market. With many law firms already in existence and a huge number coming on board every now and then, the competition for potential clientele can only get fiercer.

    That calls for the adoption of the most ingenious techniques to stand out from the crowd. Search engine optimization techniques (law firm SEO) exist to provide this competitive edge. They are basically a series of strategies that are aimed at upping the rankings of your web page online and improving the visibility of your brand.


    Search Engine Optimization techniques are processes of improving website rankings through techniques and strategies which aim at improving the website authorities. They have the impact of shoring the rankings of sites in the search engine results pages.

    These processes basically make it easier for the crawlers of the search engines to easily access and decipher the contents of your pages. Studies upon studies have indicated that many people stick to the first pages of the search engine results pages; they hardly go to the second or subsequent pages after a search.

    By implementing these strategies and having your site listed on the first page of a search term, you boost the likelihood of your site being viewed and subsequently being accessed by a visitor.


    Many law firms spend plenty of money to advertise their services. These higher costs definitely eat away some of the profits. The case is however completely different from the use of these processes.

    Unlike conventional advertising techniques, these processes are cheaper yet leave behind more lasting impressions. It hence goes that by using them, you get to enjoy higher profit margins owing to reduced costs of doing business.

    By implementing these strategies to your site, you stand to enjoy the benefit of higher rates of conversion. This simply means that a higher proportion of those who visit your site will most likely make inquiries or even order legal services.

    The main reason underlying this is the improved visibility of your site in the search engine results pages. With improved conversion rates come more revenue inflow.

    As part of the trust we have spoken of above, the use of these strategies also boosts the credibility of your brand. By consistently appearing at the top of the search pages, you give a sense of being an industry leader in your field.

    The converse is also true. Appearing at the bottom of the page implies that you are somehow fake or are not really that authoritative. Fewer potential clients would prefer working with such a firm.

    Sites that employ these techniques tend to load faster, are rich in contents, navigate easily and display only those contents that are more relevant to the user who accesses the pages. The sum total of all these benefits is improved user experiences.

    Many visitors to such pages tend to stay there longer than they would on normal pages. This also leads to a higher likelihood of taking an appropriate course of action.

    Many people are easily agitated whenever the site they attempt to access takes too long to open and load. They easily move on to the next site and so on. Part of the SEO strategies entails optimizing sites for speed, accessibility, and navigability.

    Thus, a site that is optimized for SEO tends to load faster than the normal ones. This again goes a long way in upping the experience of users and their subsequent access to your site. It also boosts the chance of them staying on your site.

    It is no secret that many people tend to come in contact with businesses for the first time these days purely via online platforms. We have already explained that the use of these strategies has the tendency to increase the visibility of the pages.

    Hence, it goes that their use has the impact of bringing in more sales leads than would have been achieved under normal circumstances or using the traditional processes.

    Part of these strategies entails making your site easily visible and navigable by a potential visitor. Many of those who visit the sites these days do so from their mobile devices. It hence goes that using these strategies is a sure way of deepening the reach and accessibility of your pages.

    This can only mean more leads and a fairly high rate of conversion of the visitors. You definitely want to try this one out for your business survival.

    By close rate, we mean the ratio of the number of deals you close vis-à-vis the number of presentations you make. Of all the key strategies that exist for your leverage, it is the lawyer SEO that has the tendency to bring a higher close rate.

    That is mainly explained by the fact that this strategy is cheaper and effortless yet highly visible and lucrative. With improved close rate comes the added benefit of higher revenue inflow.

    We have already hinted that the use of Search Engine Optimization techniques does create trust in your firm. First and foremost visitors tend to trust those firms that go the extra mile of implementing such strategies over and above loading their pages online.

    Then again, higher rankings and improved visibility, also instill a sense of credibility on the part of the businesses concerned. This trust is definitely a good virtue as it enhances long-term reliability.

    As a bonus, the uses of these strategies will also improve your following in the major social media platforms. Over and above the search engines and web pages, the social media platforms are yet another frontier where many people choose to interact with their preferred corporate entities. This huge following is definitely a plus as it goes ahead to deepen your own reach and engagement with a potential audience. Moreover, it also comes in handy in moments of referrals as those who have tried your services already will easily and readily notify others.

    It is no secret that many people tend to come in contact with businesses for the first time these days purely via online platforms. We have already explained that the use of these strategies has the tendency to increase the visibility of the pages.

    Hence, it goes that their use has the impact of bringing in more sales leads than would have been achieved under normal circumstances or using the traditional processes.

    It is impossible for you to achieve success using only one strategy. Thankfully, the Search Engine Optimization also has the impact of synergizing the other lawyer SEO marketing strategies. This simply means coordinating and focusing these activities in such a way as to achieve a common end.

    This synergy sees to it that no time, money, or effort goes to waste in the process of trying to reach out to a target audience. In this way, it sees to it that you leverage as much sales revenue as can possibly be the case.

    Other than merely setting up shop, it is also important to have your presence felt and business well known. No other process does this job better than Search Engine Optimization techniques.

    As we have noted severally these processes up the presence and rankings of your sites. In this way, they let it known to many people. The end result is that many people will easily get to trust and work hand in hand with your firm.

    We started out by saying that many firms are getting online these days, with many more expected to do so in the coming years. The competition for that space is getting fiercer with the day.

    Only by implementing these strategies will you get to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd. Such an advantage is, by all means, vital as it sees to it that you ward off any likelihood of your revenue being eaten into.

    Other than merely making your presence felt for a start, it is always necessary to have your business easily visible in the long run. No other strategy yet again has the impact of achieving this end better than the Search Engine Optimization techniques.

    They yield long-lasting outcomes not to mention that once implemented, their effects are felt for many years to come. The longevity of use also translates to a more stable flow of leads and revenues.

    From the foregoing explanations, one thing stands supreme. You badly need the intervention of a full-fledged lawyer SEO company to go about this issue. The strategies involved are way too complicated for the average firm or individual to comprehend and make good use of. Look to no other firm than us.

    We, Digibulls, do exist to aid individuals and firms leverage the power of the Search Engine Optimization techniques to make the most of their site. We do possess highly-trained and experienced professionals who deliver the orders within the shortest time possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a general rule, you have to start off by picking the right SEO keywords for the job. These words must have the ability to bring about some leads as soon as possible. Ideally, they should also be bigger and longer for maximum efficacy. These words have to target your audience appropriately and ward off any competition.
    After coming up with the keywords, you now have to ascertain how you fair on with other legal firms. There are well over 200 metrics that inform the performance of a web page in the search engine rankings. Below are some of the most significant though:
    You have to improve the complexity of your site’s SEO. This entails the implementation of a host of improvements and issues that work to improve the speed and reliability thereof. Among these are the security, speed, mobile-friendliness, and the search schema, to name but a few!
    Other than the new pages, you should also apply the same techniques to the pages that have been there from the beginning of time. Of particular concern should be that each page bears a Title Tag and a Meta Description that bears the keywords we have talked about already.
    Many people generally prefer to prioritize the law firms that are based within their locality. The reasons here are that they are accessible and also tend to be cheaper to come by. By optimizing your local SEO properties, you get to boost the rankings of that site within the local area service of Google.
    As part of your preparation, you should also see to it that you incorporate the missing web pages. This will make it possible for the searchers to access every bit of information they are desirous of. You should also make it a point not to forget or overlook the basic components of a web page. Examples of these are the ‘FAQs,’ ‘About Us,’ ‘News and Media,’ among others.
    One of the best ways to up the rankings of your site is to generate and update a blog page every quite often. While at it, you should also see to it that the content is friendly to the search engines. That way, it is will be easier to pick and display the same by the search bots. The contents should also be latest and accurate in scope.
    To further enhance the visibility of your site, be advised to generate links that direct users back to your site. These links should be placed on foreign sites and web pages. They have to take users to contents that are as nearly relevant to their needs as possibly can be.
    You definitely want to assess how your site fairs on from time to time, don’t you? Well, for this purpose, you will need to leverage the power of analytics. These are processes that embed on your site to track, measure, and analyze all its activities. Some of the key performance indicators to be on the lookout for are:
    • Bounce rate
    • Brand mentions
    • Impressions
    • Rankings
    • Social shares
    • Website traffic
    Needless to say, you have to improve the site from time to time based on its performance from the analysis we have spoken about earlier. The sum total of these strategies should be able to bring in more leads, unique visitors and ultimately lead to a surge in the revenue inflows. Some of the issues you should be looking to address are:
    • Booking rate (from calls)
    • Cost per lead (CPL)
    • Leads
    • Lead-to-sale conversion rate
    • Return on marketing investment (ROMI)
    • Revenue
    • Total new clients
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