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In today’s world, several microblogs are available online today. The question is what exactly is a microblog? A Microblog is a blog that lets the user publish short texts, links, videos, or photos. Many bloggers use this, the important thing is what is the most famous among all of them is free Tumblr themes. 

Tumblr is a popular website and app which a user can use to share text, photos, videos, audio clips, etc. In Tumblr, one can follow other users as well and see their content. They can share and reblog it. Tumblr has designed to post short-form content. It is a free mobile app or website that gives many artists, writers, and other creators worldwide. Tumblr has around 200 million users or more than that, from which 550 million users share content daily. The app is straightforward to use, even if you have not registered with Tumblr, you can still see posts. What makes Tumblr more interesting is the popular free theme feature. This blog will discuss all the features that make Tumblr a fantastic social media marketing platform and customizing a custom theme.

15 Free themes available on Tumblr:-
Free Tumblr themes
  • Indy

Indy Tumblr theme is a less popular free Tumblr theme, but the beautiful layout makes your blog look very attractive. It is the best free theme on Tumblr. Since it is one of the less approached themes – it creates an enhanced experience for the users. Indy offers such beautiful designs that grab your customer’s attention also make you better than the rest if you generate some post with this. Once you install this app &start working on it –You will love the experience with Indy. As Tumblr is one of the best productions in mobile app development, the experience you will get in Indy is one of the best things you will experience.  

  •  Salvia 

Salvia is a free Tumblr theme which is mainly designed for creating blogs. If you are an artist, writer, or designer –you will love this theme. It has four different layouts, and it has built for writability and better reading experience – it has such fonts, which is the best

for the optical view. It is compatible with the most major browsers, like – Safari, firefox, chrome. You can customize your blog with Slavia as it has various colors, fonts, and image placements. The best feature which Salvia offers is the hidden menu. It makes your page look minimal, however, the user could view your link & still navigate with ease. 

  • Tenrose 

Tenrose Tumble theme is one of the best free Tumblr themes which you can find. It works amazingly in mobile apps or desktop both very smoothly. This theme runs on every device and web browser. In android app ideas, Tumblr is something that runs very smoothly. If you use pictures and photographs for the Tumblr blog, it is the perfect theme. One of the best features of Tenrose is -You can scroll without getting interrupted.

It has unlimited colors, and You can upload your logo as well.

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  • Vertigo 

 This free Tumblr theme was inspired by Art goodman, Dave Nagata, Saul Bass’s works. Vertigo offers you a single accent color. It is the main configuration usable for your link, title, and graphic elements. It will do much for your microblogging specifications and help you place your marketing.

  •  Wicked

Wicked is one of the most simple free Tumblr themes but what makes Wicked in the top 10 lists is the stunning look it has to offer. It is a free theme by Tumblr. It is responsive to every browser and device. This theme is compatible with the most major browsers, like – Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet explorer. It is a clean and straightforward photography theme for any blog. This theme is customized to be compatible with blossom so that you can view your blog anywhere from any device. 

  •  Ultralite 

Ultralite is a free Tumblr theme that has the most minimalist theme in Tumblr. In the field of mobile app development, Tumblr plays a vital role. Since many creators can download the app & use it, it has simple fonts and a simple white background. This theme has typography that complements the unique and clean design very well.

  •  Ashley

 Ashley is one of the best free Tumblr themes which you can use. It is everything that you require to manage your blogs. This Tumblr theme is very responsive, simple, and it supports every type of post. Like, your texts, links, photos, videos. If some bloggers want to create multiple contents, they should use it, as it is relatively easy. Bloggers can quickly change the font look and make the blog easy to read. 

  • Bus full of hippies 

 The free Tumblr theme Bus full of hippies gives you a fresh feel with a natural green background full of leaves, flowers, and grass. This theme makes your blog very green and unique blog 

  •  Basic 

If you want to start a new blog on Tumblr, you should use the best free Tumblr theme here for you – Basic is one of them. It has a lot of simplicity and supports all types of blogs, or if you want to share a song or create a playlist, you can do that with Basic. It has a pixel-perfect look, making this theme very responsive and appealing to the readers. You can use this theme on every mobile device. 

  •  Chale 

If you start using this, chale creates a different experience for you. Chale is a split layout built with panache and finesse. It is a perfect hybrid between website and blog. The free Tumblr theme has a split-screen, and if you like, mix and match blogging with a personal website. It follows every new trend for the current web standard to ensure that you have

a smooth experience. You can upload your logo and background image. Chale has built-in support for Google Analytics tracking. Google Analytics creates a new property for your Tumblr blog address and pastes that tracking ID in to the Google analytics field ID in

your blog’s Customization settings. You can add your social media links to this theme. 

  • Taylor Swift Lover theme 

Taylor Swift Lover theme inspires the music, and you can see the energetic and vibrant solution in this free Tumblr theme. It is a go-to for anyone who is searching for a bubbly free Tumblr theme. This theme runs smoothly on any device & desktop, also you will be assured about how the theme displays because it will be stunning. Just like Taylor swift’s album lover, the article is full of vibrant and happy colors. You can personalize it and use it to share the way you want.

  •  Minimalism 

Minimalism free Tumblr theme gives you plenty of customization options and allows your content to make it brighter than ever; it is for anyone who wants to share their graphic content with a more professional approach. There are unique features like custom background color and image, background color, custom header, and content grid management. 

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  • Candice

The free Tumblr theme Candice has created for bloggers who can post visuals and text blogs. You can still post and it will be represented beautifully, even if your post types are different. All fonts, texts are customizable, and it also has a Facebook comment system. It links up to 17 social networks.

  •  Verbage  

Verbage is one more free Tumblr theme. This one is famous for its simplicity and easy to use of the theme which has been provided to us. Verbage is the first choice for bloggers who use Tumblr for their writing. It has customized colors, images, highlight text, and google fonts. If you want to learn about your blog statistics with google, you can do that because it has integrated with google analytics.

  • Editorial 

Finally, the free Tumblr theme is most useful for writers who want to try freelancing in writing. Editorial free theme for Tumblr, which can make your display presentation better than others. It is effortless to use. You can include customization, like adding your social network. Not only custom colors, even you can also include images & localization as well. 


The technology has created a new way for us and which is why it is effortless for us to create a blog, and there are a varied number of pages and websites which has made this buzz of blogs right now. Tumblr is one of the best and free platform. It is an effortless app to share your link, posts, photos, URL, music or videos, and many other options. To make sure that you enjoy this app – Tumblr is offering you the best 101 free themes. 

It has incredible designs that catch any reader or viewer’s attention and having a good design matters a lot. Tumblr makes it easy for you to build a professional portfolio or share & represent your service. The app service has been made to ensure that the artists get a field to express themselves and earn from it. The thought and idea behind themes are to make sure that the blogger gets the most of the platform, enhance their skill, and use their creativity to create something unique and better in this field.

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