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Website flipping refers to creating a website and evolving it into a brand. A brand attracts a higher price and, thus earns a profit. You can make money by selling websites on Flippa. Many marketers adopt this technique. In recent years, flippa has emerged as a credible platform. Many buyers and sellers turn to flippa for selling their websites. To grab the most out of this venture, you need a website flipping platform. Flippa is a robust marketplace engaging both buyers and sellers.

Since 2009, Flippa has existed to support small enterprises to get and trade business at ease.

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In this article, we will understand and review the various features of Flippa and what it does.

Flippa provides an online business platform for buyers and sellers for flipping sites. It is a reliable platform if you wish to sell your blog or website. 

The question is, why would anyone sell their blog or website? 

The majority of bloggers drop their blogs for personal or professional reasons. Some sell due to a lack of availability of time. If you are scouring to buy or sell a blog, Flippa offers the best online marketplace. You need to present your website or blog to the buyer who wants to buy it. Start by giving a short idea and accurate statistics about the blog.


Now you have a proper idea of how Flippa can help you in flipping websites. In the end, you will have the required information for your use. And you can determine whether it’s the appropriate marketplace. You will also learn how to identify scammers selling fake websites on flippa. 

We will also provide you essential tips on how to buy and sell sites.

Is Flippa suitable for selling domains? 

Flippa is a dynamic platform for buying and selling websites. Besides, the domain name marketplace has increased. It is now an ultimate product for selling domain names.


Marketplaces are different from brokers in respect of their functions. A marketplace is a platform that enables buyers and sellers to connect. One instance of such a marketplace is an auction site. Flippa is an auction site. In flippa, anyone can post a website for sale and buy it. Flippa is much like eBay. A brokerage, so, is akin to FE International or Latona’s brokers.

They consist of a team of advisors, a legal group, and technology experts. Such a group of a team helps ease deals. They do not let anyone post sites for sale without proper review. Before posting sites for sale, one has to go through a selection process. They have a team of experts. The expert website brokers are skilled. These brokers help analyze each deal’s standard and provide support during the transfer.

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How Does Flippa Work? 

Flippa is a trending online marketplace. The majority of the companies are involved in website buying and selling sites. It also consists of brokers. One such example is FE International. Consisting of a team of brokers, they deal with websites of all sizes.

Sites like flippa serve smaller and affordable businesses. And brokers fulfill the market’s affluent sectors. Also, brokers do sell “smaller” sites if they’re profitable businesses. 

How to Make Money by Flipping Websites on Flippa:

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Step 1: Search for a Good-Quality Website

On Flippa’s website, you will find hundreds of sites at the same time. Yet, not all are genuine. Some of them include illegal websites created by people to deceive you. Begin with research to study various factors. Gather information on which websites are worth your time and money. Select a few of them. Continue narrowing your search as per your need.

Step 2: Focus on Keyword Mapping

Many web owners deny the idea of successful keywords on their website. Such keywords add value and boost organic traffic. Hence, it is vital to research long-tail keywords. The usage of long-tail keywords improves your rank—the best tools to map keywords – SEMrush, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

These tools provide research keywords for the site ranking. They also help users to target keywords on every single page. The use of tools allows you to target more than one keyword per page. But, the best way to step up the elevator is to focus on one topic per page. For pages targeting similar keywords, squeeze the content on a single page.

Step 3: Generate On-Page SEO

You can raise site traffic in no time when applying your SEO efforts in the right way. Try to focus On Pages already performing well in rankings. Gain visible benefits. Get away from the pages with the least rank.

Step 4: Engage in keyword research.

Get done with keyword targeting and improved on-page SEO. Later on, scout for new options. You can do this in many ways.

We have listed two ways:
  1. Find the Same Authority Blog

You can count on tools such as Ahrefs Site Explorer, Moz, SEMrush, or Majestic. They help in searching for similar authority keywords. But, some users compare scores with the competitor’s average rating. Do not forget to list which keywords they are ranking. Certified websites will have keywords with a huge search volume. It leaves a sense of trust.

Also, you can read the Ahrefs: Competitor Research Tool.

  1. Finding Weak Keywords

When you come across a blog that has the same online authority as yours, review their keywords. You will recognize whether your content can defeat the competitor’s keywords. If they have a 500-word article, you can win the battle with good quality content of 2500 words.

Step5: Increase the Monetary Areas

The two methods of earning money through your blog involve operating various tools. The most popular tools include Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate. Also, counted as one of the reliable methods to expand your earning capacity. To add, you can set up an online course that relates to your niche. Besides, you can sell software or digital products, matching with your niche. 

Step 6: Think before Flipping the Site

SEO doesn’t give overnight results. Many times, it might take a few weeks to several months to notice the results. Before deciding on any choice of flipping your site, wait for some time. The ideal waiting time could range from six to ten months. During this period, you can assess and check your revenue. You can still earn a passive income from other sources. When you finally decide to sell your site, you will have proof of earnings. With this evidence, you will attract excellent prices to your site.

How does Flippa resonate with the pricing? 

Flippa is economical. The listing fee and the commission are low. When compared to others, this gives an edge to flippa. 

Both Flippa and Empire Flippers are transparent about their pricing structure. Thus, we have posted direct resources from their websites. It is an easy comparison to know the contrast between the two.

Empire Flippers’ Listing Fee: $297 for your first listing, $97 for the next listings.

Flippa’s Listing Fee: $49.

What is the price of selling a domain on Flippa?

Domain listings cost $10 per listing, whereas IOS & Android Apps cost $15 per listing. A well-known site costs $49 per listing. Variable success fees are dependent on the final sale value. But, if you opt for the broker’s help, the price rises. 

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Flippa Pros and Cons

With the crowd relying on Flippa to buy and sell websites online, people have begun to trust it. To say, they have both the advantages and disadvantages embedded in them.

Pros of Flippa: 

  • A blogger can buy or sell websites and blogs at any agreed price.
  • It contains easy to use and navigate functionalities.
  • Flippa enables the selling of blogs at affordable prices.

Cons of Flippa:

  • Many buyers have complained of poor buyer protection policies.
  • To access qualitative sites is not easy.
  • Flippa lacks content curation.

In the case of flippa, the benefits seem to beat the limitations. So, the reason flippa is well-founded.


While it contains some relevant issues, albeit, flippa remains a perfect choice. Flippa is a top-notch marketplace for buying and selling websites. They have built an excellent website for online traders with the best of services. It has a great following and several tools. To start using this platform, you will need to subscribe and sign up for an account. Once signed, you have to pay an agreed fee structure. Remember to cancel the $15 per month subscription.

The above tips will guide you while buying or selling your website or domain on Flippa. If you are swapping or buying from legit sites, you will enjoy this platform. List out your filters, review, and verify the sites. This brief review about flippa is a terrific way to get on the wheels with a blog. Starting from scratch would be hard. The process may be more expensive, taxing, and complex. We hope you have obtained useful details from this Flippa review. Apply it while buying or selling a website online. You are now ready to get moving with flippa.

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