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Email Marketing Services

In today’s all-the-time-online world, taking follow up of leads to convert them into customers has become essential. Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in front of prospects and communicate with existing consumers. When done right, email marketing campaigns and strategies are simple, impactful, affordable and reaches relevant eyes effectively. DIGIBULLS’ email marketing services build marketing automation and are a cost-effective way to increase referrals, up-sells, leads, and booked sales. We ensure that you pay only for what you use.

Our Email Services Include:

To start building an intelligently automated set up, we communicated with your team and added opt-in email sign-ups for your email forms. We utilize several paid strategies and social media tactics to grow the list continuously. We’ll be adding new mail sign-ups before every scheduled mail blast.
We study which designs interact the most with your customers. Our designers craft attractive templates with apt colour combination and various other features that represent your company.
Our content specialists create content that engages your customers and conveys your company’s message efficiently—organizing giveaways and contests to increase engagement.

We personalize content for each batch of mails according to specific service or product, which can appeal your ideal target audience. Subscribers can be sent personalized emails conveying precisely what they want to hear and exactly what they wish to buy.

Our tracking reports provide with continuous updates regarding delivery rates, open and click-through rates, web visits, leads, sales, and revenue for each mail batch.
We provide a proper analysis of each email through split-testing of subject content, time and dates of delivery, design and engagement, offers and coupons strategy.

Powerful Features Of Our Email Marketing Services

Custom Campaigns

Create highly engaging emails that are customized for different audiences. One of the significant perks of email marketing is that it is much easier to create appropriate messaging for different types of audiences. Not the creative type? You can pick any of the custom templates while customization in any field comes with additional pricing, in email its an exception.

Proper Testing for Better Results

Our services provide you with constant split testing opportunities. A person can create multiple messages for an email campaign, and the thorough testing determines which option gets the best response. In this way, you get hard data to drive your decisions.

Simple and Time Optimized Distribution

Time matters and many companies fail to catch the right time to distribute their mails. Well, don’t worry, let our algorithms figure it out for you. Our services enable the clients to communicate with thousands on a list within a matter of minutes.

Advanced Reports and Access to Analytics

Through DIGIBULLS’ services reports are available for campaigns within 48hrs. Through proper analytics, we can easily make out where exactly your users click, geographic reports, bounce rates and other key metrics that help marketers gain insightful information.

Building Customer Loyalty

Routine marketing communications with the customers help the company to build customer loyalty while driving sales. Regular interaction is the root base of customer loyalty, customized messages addressed to each customer help in better communication and gaining trust for the existing consumers as well as attract new traffic.

Benefits of DIGIBULLS' Email Marketing Services

  •  Custom and branded designed email templates
  •  Quality content writing and creation (images, videos, etc.)
  •  Email automation and A/B split testing
  •  Subscribers growth strategies
  •  Insights and reporting regularly
  • Collaboration with social media & remarketing campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

The content plays a vital role in is the success of any email campaign. It is equally important as the design of the material. The content that you write in the mails does the work of conveying your objective and messages to the consumers. Only attractive appearance is of no use unless it is accompanied by quality content. Our team of talented content writers at DIGIBULLS' understand your goals and the thing you want to convey and format a message accordingly.

Buying is list is a big NO in email marketing since the emails can be fake or simply uninterested in your emails. If your subscribers are not actively engaged with your emails, the campaign efforts are redundant. It is best to build your list; it can be done in various ways. You can ask visitors to drop in their Email ID in a pop-up box in return for some eBooks or whitepapers, etc.

There is no specific frequency decided for emails in advance. Our team analyses your business and goals before developing an Email Marketing plan for the clients. The frequency depends on the number of subscribers, types of emails, the purpose of emails, etc. Sometimes keeping high frequency can end up irritating your subscribers, while low frequency would sometime make you lose the flow.

On an average 10-15% of email, open-rate is considered suitable for senders, but it is subjective to the industry and target audience. Email open-rate isn't the sole factor that determines a campaign's success. What really matters is what people do after opening your email.

There are various factors that tell you the growth and success rate of your email campaigns. Factors like click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. show the significant changes and advancements in the campaigns. Don't worry; we've got you all covered here! Our timely progress reports include details about all these plus a lot of additional factors that give you a complete idea of your campaign's growth.

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