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Whenever you start a blog, you have new to reach with time. No one can become experts in a few days. It doesn’t mean being innocent or ignorant, making amateur blogs mistakes that one can avoid. To a few of us, writing blogs is a god-gifted talent. Others do it to make money, which isn’t a bad thing. One, if interested and loves to write about different topics, can write blogs as a hobby. It helps to relax the mind, and some may even enjoy it. It helps to develop personality by increasing communication skills. I am sure you have writing organizations that help you when writing amateur blogs. 

Blogging helps the business in the following ways:

  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Increase your SEO/ SERP.
  • Position your service as a business leader
  • Develop better customer relations. 

The main aim is to become an expert blogger. The quicker you will notice and rectify the mistakes, the shorter your journey will be to success. Remember, making mistakes helps you in learning new skills and should not put you down.

Try to avoid the following mistakes while blogging:

    amateur blogs1

If you look through articles about starting blogs, most of them will fail to inform you that your blog’s security is essential. Getting a cheap SSL certificate for your blog is crucial if you want to stay your blog safe. What they forget to try to do is prompt you to confirm you get an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is encryption meant to guard the user’s private information to make sure that it’s not compromised. To know whether the website you’re using is safe, you will see a lock icon before the URL within the browser window. Readers will never trust an unsecured site.

To secure your website, contact your host and ask them to assist you in adding it. Most of the organizations will do it free of cost. and Lets offer SSL service.


Before generating articles for your blog, make sure you have the proper format for writing your essays. You should include appropriate headings, subheadings, and space. If you’re not using this stuff when developing your articles, your readers will have a tough time browsing your content. Some readers prefer picking a couple of essential points in your content rather than reading the whole post.

Arranging your posts makes it easy to read and extract information from them. Readers find it difficult to read a long Paragraph. The simplest way is to use 1 or 2 sentences during a paragraph, rather than 5. The users can easily understand the content once you apply this stuff.


Search engine optimization is the procedure of boosting your web page and your blog’s content.

The primary purpose is to rank well in search results. It’s easy to discover why this is often so important. The power to assist your audience finds your content when they’re trying to find it’s essential. Many amateur blogs don’t realize or remember to factor SEO into the image, but the method is pretty easy!

The goal is to tell Google what your blog post is about, and it is objective. It proves that it offers value for that specific search intent of the keyword at hand. It means that you’ll want to try to do what’s called “keyword research” before time. Especially for amateur bloggers getting started, it’s essential to know that you’ll struggle to rank with big brands. So low competition is vital.


amateur blogs2

When you have an ugly website, nobody will take you seriously. People will think you aren’t reliable. Many amateur bloggers attempt to wing it with a free theme.

  Reasons to use a reliable theme right from the start:

  • Honest pieces will update in a regular period for bugs.
  • Good themes help in rectifying the errors.
  • Quality details are better for SEO as they’re faster and have in-built SEO functions.
  • Useful details are more flexible.
  • Reliable works look professional and supply an excellent first impression.


It is essential to take a position during a good website theme. I recommend getting the Divi theme. The Divi theme is customizable and may get you a customized and professional-looking site. Divi is one of the significant popular themes on the market today. Another option is Genesis, a high-speed theme.


The majority of beginners are comfortable with where they started. They find it challenging to try out new writing techniques. If you’re an amateur blogger, this is often another mistake you should avoid. The web industry is fragile and keeps on changing every day. If you’re not exploring new skills to present your posts, you’ll end up overtaken by events. The Live feature on Facebook helps to interact with your users. If you’ll afford it, take a course that allows you to push your blogging ideas to the next level.


The mistake I see amateur blogs making they’re getting the link building wrong. It can happen in a few ways. They’re participating in link-building schemes. Google will catch you if you’re dealing with links for links with other businesses. It’s like buying fake likes or followers on Instagram; the accounts are fake. Building links can take time, which is irritating. One should try to do it naturally and with methods like guest posting.


You would like to incorporate links to your content on each post; it helps people stay bouncing around your site rather than leaving. You are forgetting not linking to other sites. It might sound opposite to the last one, but it’s not. One should Link to non-competing third-party sites that have high-quality information. It will allow your users to urge more value from your post. It builds credibility, and it is suitable for Google.


An incredible headshot of the blogger is essential. It is another mistake amateur bloggers make. They believe that having the blogger’s headshot in on a blog is for experienced creators who have been present in the business for a long time.


  1. Use Natural Light While In Focus.
  2. Take a True Headshot.
  3. Try not to Wear Sunglasses.
  4. Use an Updated Photo.
  5. Surrendering EARLY

Most amateur blogs learners arrive at a quarter of a year in their blogging life.

The possibility that you need to be an expert blogger doesn’t fall into this class of amateur bloggers. When hard times arise, you have to build up toughness and proceed. With time, you will start to see your rewards for all the hard work. You can begin as a specialist before moving to the blog. Have faith in yourself. Have the boldness that one day, you will achieve what you needed.


    amateur blogs3

The best organizations, to begin with, are Facebook and Pinterest in light of their vast reach. You can extend to Instagram or some other framework later.


Blogging is a worthwhile online venture that can help you earn a living. One must be willing to invest in a long period and put hard work in it. The problem with many people starting amateur blogs is that they end up quitting after a few months. Don’t be a statistic and fall under this category.

If one has little knowledge about it and wants to expand its blogging content., They should hire some experts like a search engine marketing consultant. An E-commerce SEO specialist who helps to analyze, review, improve search engine results. It helps to meet the most significant leads by targeting the interested and relevant audience. Professionals like Web designers plan and create web pages. They combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, and video clips. A web designer handles constructing the design and layout of a website.

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