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On-page Optimization is just the beginning to get all your website features, let’s find out what’s next on our list.

People often think technical SEO is all that you need to get your website on the rails, but that’s just the first half of it.

Just because your audit tools ticks off all the boxes on the list doesn’t mean everything is finished. No company has ever ranked #1 for all the keywords it desires to rank for.  We aspire to be #1 for all the keywords, but it isn’t rationally possible. But that doesn’t mean stop trying.

On-page Optimization is just the first step

How a website looks, what it offers, what is the market value, etc. all depends on first how it functions. Is it able to make its way into the cream layer of the internet? Your Front-end is only useful when your back-end is robust and well coded. Good quality website codes might not always contribute highly to your ranking, but we know a bad code can surely hamper your chance of ranking on the top.

It is wise to fix the code at the initial stage of Optimization itself. Working on code gives you clarity about the structure and features of the website SEO will be dealing with. It creates transparency which is essential for understanding what to do in other steps of the SEO process.

Having all your back-end and codes fixed helps you boost all the possibilities of success.

Words Speak Louder

Entertaining and exciting content that centres reader’s interests or needs, meanwhile, spike engagement levels, builds brand loyalty and trust, strengthens a website’s ranking and presence, and can also lift your sales and marketing results effectively.

A good content piece is a perfect blend of reader-friendly as well as search engine friendly content.

It takes a significant amount of time, adequate research, quality writing, and editing to produce excellent content for different media types and clients. One needs to discover what your brand’s voice is, determine your writing style, and commit to the craft on a daily basis. Any literate person can write, but quality writing takes hard work, and you need to be damn good to attract and retain an audience, especially online.

Keeping up with trends and the latest news through blog posts help you to attract and engage the audience efficiently.

Build Your Network

One can never have enough connections. The more links you have got, the more visibility and boost your website gets.

But with link quality matters over quantity. Your keywords are the hallmark of quality for your website. It is highly essential how your links function to build your website.

A link from globally renowned platforms like Times of India, Forbes, Bazaar, etc. has worth of about thousands of links from any local BlogSpot platform. Here’s where we notice how the quality of links matter.

Building links is not just a piece of cake.

It requires the investment of patience, creativity, research and tons of efforts.

When you’ve to judge a company’s SEO, always look at their link profiles. Even if your website has impressive links pointing to it, you can always add more quality to it.

Always seeks to expand the network. If you are satisfied with one domain, move forward to other associated domains with your business.

For example: If your business is about perfumes, try exploring and building your chances in the other cosmetics and lifestyle products industry. Expanding helps you reach out to millions of new eyes in a variety of creative ways.

Like we discussed earlier, often there are keywords we wish to rank for but aren’t able to. With this expansion pull out a whole new road map for these left out keywords. Analyze, discuss, get influencers to promote your brand, which will help you get a better ranking for all the left-out keywords.

It’s a Never-Ending Loop

SEO is not a one time thing; it is a process that goes on and on.

You might feel everything is set as per the aim and suddenly, the entire set of rules change.

Technical SEO is just one ladder that you climb towards success, but there are a whole lot of other things that need attention after that.

Shifting to off-page SEO and content opens up new doors for better scope in ranking and optimization success.

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