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Nowadays creating a functional site is not much difficult but getting it ranked is not an easy task. The process to getting a good SEO ranking involves multiple diverse factors. In the whole scenario you’ll find a lot of things that should be done but in this article let’s have a look at what you should not do. Here, in this article are the 12 reasons why your website will never rank.

1. Not indexed on google
Do you have a site but no traffic? Have you submitted your site to google search console? If not, do it ASAP because sending your website to the search console is a very crucial part. If you don’t do that, your site may never rank in the given period.

2. Low-quality content
You have submitted the site on google search console, but still, it doesn’t rank? Well, let us tell you, providing your website is not the only important step that you have to follow. One must write detailed and SEO optimized quality articles on your site and please do me a favour and don’t copy from anywhere on the web. Google isn’t that dumb. One will be penalized if the content is copied from others, so keep it unique.

3. No quality backlinks
Submitting your site to GSC (google search console) and having quality content will get you ranked. But if you want to rank higher, you must have high-quality backlinks, and this will help Google to crawl your site better and rank higher.

4. No social media activities
If your articles are shared more on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will get direct traffic from there, and it will also tell google that you have good sharable content. Thus, ranking higher and driving more organic traffic.

5. Page speed
Nowadays, people don’t have patience, and they don’t like to wait much. So, if pages on your site take more time to load, people might go back, this will result in an increased bounce rate of your website. The higher the bounce rate, the lower will be your rankings on google. To avoid more top page load speed, keep the site theme as lite as possible and compress the images you use and also use plugins (if on WordPress) to clear the cache.

6. Not mobile-friendly
If you have a site, then you must optimize it properly for mobiles and make it mobile-friendly, as nowadays most of the people like to surf the internet on their mobile phones. So, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, it might not be good for your site’s rankings.

7. High spam score
While creating backlinks is good for SEO, backlinks you create must be high-quality, relevant backlinks. If you create irrelevant backlinks by commenting or using bots then it might decrease rankings, it might even stop to rank as low quality, and irrelevant backlinks on your website tell Google that you are spamming and may have some dire consequences.

8. No internal linking
An internal link is also as important as external backlinks. Internal link helps to crawl of older posts and get them ranked higher by-passing the link juice from one post to another. You should also include external links to high authority sites as it will help in building more trust for your website.

9. Poorly optimized meta tags
Meta tags help Google understand your site and content on pages. If you don’t optimize meta tags, google might never know what your site is about and might never rank it. So, optimizing your meta tags is very important.

10. Not posting regularly
Google bots crawl your site periodically to check its activity and updates. But if you stop posting or updating your content, then it tells search engines that your website is no longer active and may result in lower rankings, thus decreasing your traffic.

11. No HTTPS
HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. You must have an https-enabled site. If you enable https on your website, it tells Google that your site is encrypted using transport layer security (secure socket layer) thus building trust in Google’s eye and resulting in higher rankings.

12. Not optimized for featured search snippet
What is a featured snippet?
Featured snippets are the summaries or answers to people’s queries that are shown on top of the google page.
So, if you write featured snippet optimized content, it will increase your probability to rank high on google.

Your site still doesn’t rank? If yes, then it means you are targeting high competition keywords, or there is high competition in your selected niche. It might take a bit longer, but if you follow as mentioned above and keep updating your content periodically, eventually you will rank.

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